8 Ways You Are Repelling Money

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In this article, learn 8 ways you are repelling money from you.  In order to truly understand these ways, I will focus on helping you to understand Money and the Energetics behind Money.  Once you know what the Energetic Frequency is of Money you can begin to shift your relationship and stop repelling it. Your Money Mindset depends on understanding the energetics!

Read to find out:

  • 1)  What Money Really Is
  • 2)  Money is Your Lover
  • 3)  8 Ways You are Repelling Money
  • 4)  Journal Exercise to Repair Your with Relationship With Money


You are currently repelling Money from you.  Whether you always only have just enough, you don’t have any or don’t have as much as you would like to have…your energy is deflecting Money as it is trying to flood into your life.

Before you can understand the ways you are closing it is important that you understand what money truly is.  Once you can understand the Energetics behind Money and the Energetic Frequency of it, you can then align with the Frequency of RECEIVING Money into your life with greater ease. 

Don’t you want “HAVING” Money (in the amount you WANT) to become your DEFAULT Vibration?  

Yes!  I know you do.  Well, keep reading.


So what is Money?


The first thing you think about is probably the paper in your wallet or the coin rolling around in your purse… But is that really what Money is?

What is Money?

Maybe you are thinking about the debit card in your purse or the Money in the bank vault…


But what if I told you none of that is what Money truly is.  


Want to know what Money is… what it REALLY IS…

Money is ENERGY.  

Money is neither good or bad.  It is actually a NEUTRAL ENERGY available to everyone in the entire Universe.


Money is an AMPLIFYING ENERGY.  It amplifies the energy of the person who has it.


If you are in a negative space when you receive Money, Money will amplify the negative.


If you are tapped into the aligned loving being that you truly are, Money will amplify that energy.


So get it out of your head that Money is good or bad.  It is just NEUTRAL ENERGY.  A NEUTRAL AMPLIFYING ENERGY.

Money is also Masculine Energy.  

Ok, ladies don’t get pissed.  I am not saying Money is only for Men.  NOPE.


Everyone and everything is made up of both Masculine (Yin) Energy and Feminine (Yang) Energy.


You have both.  Your father has both.  It isn’t about gender. Everyone has both Masculine and Feminine Energy.


The Masculine Yin energy is more of the doingserving and giving.

The Feminine Yang energy is more beingallowing and receiving.

Money Is Your Lover

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Did you know that there is a natural relationship and exchange between you and Money?

Yep, dare I say it… Money is your Lover…at least it wants to be.  

To help you understand how this works, I am going to tap into the traditional way of thinking about male-female relationships.  This will help you look at Money in a way that is familiar for you.

So get ready for your favorite Hallmark Movie (the non-cheesy one).

Maybe not Hallmark…Have you ever watched The Affair on Showtime?  It is a great show if you ever get the chance to check it out please do.

The Affair focuses on telling the same story through two different perspectives.  It’s hilarious how different the same story can be seen from different eyes. Outfits change, intentions shift and the whole narrative is different.

Let me tell you a story…  


Hey, I am Michelle.  I am dating this guy named Bill.  He was the love of my life. I guess he still is but things have changed.

The honeymoon period is definitely over. Bill just doesn’t seem like the same guy I met.  I know I seem a little frustrated and you are wondering if I even like the guy and I get it.  

I do like him.  I love when he shows up for me but I don’t feel like he is doing what he used to do.

Bill used to do whatever I asked him to.  He would show up for me and when I asked for something to get done, he would do it.  No questions asked.

Did I jump for joy when he got stuff done?  No. That’s the way it is SUPPOSED to be. He was doing what he is SUPPOSED to do, right?  Of course, I am right.

Now, when I ask for something, he seems to take his sweet time.  He will give me one thing or a small part of another and then is mad when I don’t jump up and down for joy.  Why? Cause he half-ass delivered. No!

Then, then…then he gets pissed when I check on him in the garage to see if he is doing what I asked.  Of course, I am!!


He has let me down too many times!  I need to make sure he is doing what I asked, don’t I?  Of course, I do!

He is always trying to kiss on me and hug me and I am too tired and busy for that.  I have bills to pay and work to do. Doesn’t he realize that? I completely avoid him sometimes.  I don’t acknowledge his presence so he can stop trying to touch on me.

Then, he hangs out with his boys all the time.  He rarely comes home at a decent hour. It’s like he doesn’t want to live together anymore.


Does he do nice things for me?  Yes of course he does.

But a lot of times it isn’t what I need or when I need it.  I just don’t think he and I are good together anymore.


Hi!  I’m Bill.  I am in a relationship with the most beautiful woman in the world.  Her name is Michelle. I love her so much. I try to be there whenever she calls me.  

She asks me to do things and I go off into my shed to get them done, then she always busts in to ask if I am doing what she asked.


My answer is always YES.  I am always working towards whatever she asks me.

But…I really feel like she doesn’t trust me.  And worst of all she doesn’t appreciate all I do for her.

I try to give her things and she always complains that it isn’t enough or it isn’t exactly what she asked for.  I feel defeated so much.

She was pissed because I didn’t give her all of my time, but I don’t think she realized that I was trying to put something together for her.

Because I wanted her to be happy, I paid the rent and her car note.  I also paid for the light bill and the gas bill. I want to make sure she has all of the basics.   I take care of her but she doesn’t appreciate it.  Why should I try to do more?

And then when I try to love on her she always turns me down.  

She is never in the mood. I remember when we first started dating she was always so happy and loved having me around.  She would hug me and love me. Now…she is never satisfied.

I was in the process of getting help from some of my friends so I could multiply my efforts and work harder and longer for her and she got pissed.  She said I was spending to much time with friends.

I just feel as though she doesn’t love me.  She never tells me I did a good job and she is always nagging me.

I love her so much but sometimes I just don’t want to be around her.

Answer these questions

  • Do you want to be in a relationship with Michelle?
  • Do you want to spend time with her?
  • Do you want to do anything for her?

Do you realize that YOU are Michelle and Bill is Dollar Bill?

Yep, this is describing YOUR relationship with Money.

You are in an Intimate Love Relationship with Money.

Money loves and adores you.  Money is connected to ALL THAT IS.  It is connected to the same energy that your higher self is.  It is connected to that loving energy that wants to DO good FOR you.


Money has shown up for you on many occasions throughout your life.  But what do you focus on?

You focus on not having enough.  You focus on the time when your bank account was negative.  You focus on that one time that Money was a little slower to show up than you wanted.



By focusing on all of your negative times with money and all the examples of it not showing up, Money has stopped showing up.

This fed into your frustration and made you even more annoyed and continues the cycle of you not appreciating what you received and creating momentum going in the opposite direction of what you desire.

It is time to realize that Money is your man ready to be there for you and do all the things you want to do.


The point is Money is the Masculine Energy in your Relationship.

  • Money wants to do for you.  
  • Money wants to support you.
  • Money wants to be useful.
  • Money wants to feel loved and adored.
  • Money wants to be trusted.  
  • Money wants to be respected.  
  • Most Importantly, Money wants to be appreciated.

There are things that you do and focus on that is causing Money to not want to be around you.  

You are being needy AF, controlling AF, cold AF and disrespectful AF.

Money doesn’t want to be around you even though it adores and loves you.

Money isn’t chasing you.  You are chasing it.

Then when you catch it you are spitting on it and telling it that it isn’t good enough, tall enough, rich enough, smart enough or handsome enough for your time.

Now that you know Money is your man, how do you want your relationship to be?

Don’t you want to be that girl… you know the one who magnetically attracts all the men to her.  You know the one whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. The lady who all the guys want in their life.  

These men chase her.   

Relationships are so effortless for her.  She just shows up and men and fighting to buy her drinks and talk to her.  


Don’t you want to be that girl to money?  

The Money Magnetizer.  The Money Magnet. The woman who has more Money than she knows what to do with it?

How would it feel to never ever worry about money ever again?

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to trust and know that Money is ALWAYS there for you and ALWAYS shows up for you in EXCESS?

Wouldn’t you love to always have bank accounts that are overflowing with Money and have the ability to share and give to organizations, people and places you love?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to support your life and buy anything you want in the world?

Well, I have news for you…

It will never happen for you if you keep treating Money like you are treating it.

8 Ways You Are Repelling Money

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Before we get into the 8 Ways you are Repelling Money, let’s summarize:

  • Money is a Neutral Amplifying Masculine Energy.  
  • You are in an Intimate Love Relationship with money.
  • Right now, you aren’t a good partner.  You are treating Money like Sh*t.
  • Money is still in love with you and Money wants to show up for you, so you still have a chance to repair this relationship!

In order to repair your Money mindset and your relationship with Money, you have to understand what you are doing that is turning him off and sending him out to hang with his boys instead of spending time with you.



You are that girl.  You know the one who doesn’t trust their man.  You are always assuming that Money is out with some other chic so you keep checking on him.  You don’t allow him space to operate so that he can do what you asked him to do.

Deep in your heart, you believe that Money will let you down because you have been let down so many other times by other people.

Money wants to show up for you so badly but when it feels the distrust, Money turns and walks away giving you exactly what you expected.

Don’t feel bad.  I have been there too.
  My Money mindset was trash. I was so distrusting that Money would show up and so … it didn’t.  It was a self-fulfilling prophecy that continued fulfilling itself over and over.

Fix: Start trusting Money. When you ask for a particular amount of Money, trust that it will show up for you.  Money is there to support you. Start looking for the ways that Money has shown up in your life and has been there for you.  The more you begin to focus on the positive ways Money is showing up for you, you will begin to notice more and more.


You are nagging money.  You nitpick at every little thing Money does.  You complain constantly about something not being enough or it not showing up quick enough.

Then you ask Money to do the same thing over and over and over and over again all within a very short period of time.  

Money is ready to do for you.  Money is always standing at the READY to go forth and get stuff DONE!   Money like Men loves a job and loves to be useful.  

You have to go back to TRUST and trust that when you asked for something to get done, it is getting done.  Give Money the time and space with which to work.

Get your nose out of the garage and let Money do his thing.

Trust me I understand.  I was there. My mindset would be so wound up and thinking about the last time money didn’t show up that I would ask for the same thing and the same amount over and over.  

Do you see the fatal flaw in that?
  You can’t manifest something that you aren’t aligned with.  I was so focused on not having money I continued to align with not having Money.  It was necessary for me to shift my focus from not having to BEING in the energy of always having.

:  Stop nitpicking and start recognizing when Money is there for you even if it isn’t “enough” or showed up a little late.  Next, stop asking Money to do the same thing over and over again in a short period of time.

Trust that when you ask for something once it is getting done.  Money is so excited to show up for you. Let him show up and do what you ask.

Focus on how it feels to already have whatever it is you asked for.  How does it feel to have the $10K or the $3K in your bank? What did you do with it?



You are a mean girl to Money.
  Yep, one minute you are asking for a specific amount of Money to show up, the next minute you are bad talking Money and telling it that it is good for nothing.  You call money lazy. You say that it isn’t enough. You receive physical money and you ball it up and throw it in your purse. Your purse is a disaster. Your wallet is full of receipts and trash.   You are so disrespectful that money doesn’t want to hang around.

I was that girl.  My wallet had so many receipts in it, I looked like I was carrying around a million dollars in small bills.  Receipts from months and months ago that I didn’t need to file away. Just trash…like my Money mindset.   

So it is ok!  I do not judge.  I was you.

:  Give money R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  When Money says it is going to do something respect and trust that whatever it said it will do will get done.  Treat Money with a loving nature. When you have physical Money, don’t let it sit all balled up and crumpled in your wallet.  Straighten it out and place it there with care. Clean out your purse and your wallet. Throw old receipts away or file them properly.  Declutter and create a clean and clear space where energy can flow.


You aren’t aware of what is going on with money in your life.
  Don’t get me wrong, you have a feeling that you do not have enough and the situation could be getting worse, but if you are being honest with yourself, you don’t really know what is in your account.  

When is the last time you looked at your bank account?  Do you know what is coming in and out of your accounts? Are you aware of what the Money inflow and Money outflow are?

Money wants you to start paying attention to it!  Money wants you to be aware of its coming and going.  Money loves the natural flow of life.

It’s ok if you don’t! I  get it. I was you. I was so scared to open my bank account that I avoided it for months.  I didn’t want to know what was in there. I was so scared to see it decline. I avoided it at all costs.

Well…Where you place your focus, your energy goes.  
I was placing my focus on my fear of never having enough.  And I ended up creating more not enough.

Once I decided to become aware of what was really going on and started to pay attention to what was actually in my account without judgment and with love, things started to improve.

:  Pay attention to your Money.  You can’t improve your Money Mindset if your mind isn’t on your money and money isn’t on your mind.  

Schedule a time a few times per week to track your money.  Make this a time when you are in a high vibrational state. Sit and look at your balances with complete appreciation and joy.  

Also, track all of the value that comes into your life. That free lunch someone gave you or the discount you received at the story.  All of that is Money showing up for you in different ways.


You don’t have a single positive word to say about Money.
  You are constantly talking about how you don’t have enough or how you are worried about it not showing up for you.  Your energetic vibration is one of despair, disappointment, and frustration.

Money doesn’t want to disappoint or frustrate you.  It feels so bad it is avoiding being around you because it doesn’t want to disappoint you or frustrate you any further.

I understand it though.  You are thinking but…Money doesn’t show up for me.  I am at a place where I am concerned about when the next amount is coming in or I don’t want to dip into my savings just yet.

I get it.  But remember where you place your attention.  If you are constantly talking about not affording this or not being able to do that, guess what will happen… You will continue to be unable to afford this and you won’t be able to do that.

I know it gets hard.  I had to do it. When my account was at $0 or in the negative, I needed to trust and know that Money was flowing in.  I couldn’t speak words of lack or words that were contrary to where I was going because those words would have kept me where I was.

Death & Life are in the Power of Your Tongue.  

Speak life to your bank account and your money situation.  Tap into the words that the Wealthy You is speaking to her finances and start to speak and feel the energy of those words.

 Become aware of your words about Money and your Money situation.  Stop expressing words of disappointment, frustration, and lack and start expressing words of hope and improvement and things working out for you.

How does the you who already has more than enough speak?  Does she speak of things being “expensive” or “not being able to afford” things?  No! She speaks words of “abundance” “overflow” and “having more than enough”. Start to switch your dialogue and the feelings that create that dialogue.



You are clinging on to the money you have so scared to buy anything! 

Trust me…I understand how this feels.  I was so worried that Money wasn’t coming back.  I would cling and not want to buy even small things.  I went from being able to buy whatever I wanted to not wanting to buy ANYTHING.  But finally, I was able to shift my vibration around spending and having by changing how I spoke about Money flowing in and out of my account.

Release the grip on your Money.  You are holding on so tightly and so afraid to spend because you do not fully trust Money to return to you. Change your perspective to being a happy participant in this ebb and flow we call commerce. You live in a society where you get to give and receive. You can spend on something and you get to receive triple that amount back to your bank account. It is all about what you believe.

Focus on receiving overflow.  
Start claiming that every dollar that goes out of your bank account comes back 3 times as much and close your eyes and feel how that would feel.

How would it feel if you were to spend $500 at noon and then receive $1500 at 5 pm? 

Focus on that feeling and know that you get to have more than enough Money.  You get to have bank accounts and savings accounts and PayPal accounts and investment accounts that are overflowing with cash Money. It is your divine right!


You are not expressing your love for Money.  
Money loves you so much but you are so cold. You are stiff arming money like the Heisman Trophy. You haven’t created a warm and loving space for money to come and Money is suffering. Money is starting to look at the other ladies because Money is tired of not getting any love.

You were told that to love Money was a sin but what if it wasn’t?  Money is only energy. What if by loving Money and expressing love to Money you were opening your arms to receiving even more of it?

I was taught that the love of money was the root of all evil.  
I heard that over and over in my church growing up. Even though the message changed as we grew and started to attend a more progressive church, I still could hear this message over and over in my head.

It wasn’t until I started to realize that Money was an amplifier and that if I was a well-meaning good person and more Money would only amplify more of my well-meaning good person traits.

I started to realize that it would be beneficial to have more money in the hands of people like me and my friends and family members because in the hands of people who desire to raise their vibration and the vibration of those around them, money would amplify that good.

Fix:  Give Money Some Love. Start saying how much you love Money.   Start loving each and every dollar that flows into your awareness.  Even Money that may not be yours, repeat aloud or in your head “I love Money and Money loves me.”  Make it your new mantra. Treat Money with loving kindness that you would treat a close friend or family member.  Tell it how much you care about it and love having it in your life and your experience.


Finally, you aren’t showing appreciation for the Money you currently have.  The truth of the matter is that you are reading this on a phone or using WIFI or LTE in someway.  Well, guess what, someone used Money to pay for that. It doesn’t matter if you paid for it, someone did. 

There are so many billions of dollars that enter and exit your experience but you aren’t even aware of it.

  • How many banks do you drive by each day?  
  • How many cars do you see?
  • How many homes are in your neighborhood?  
  • How many are in your city?
  • How many thousands and thousands of dollars are exchanged each and every day at your local grocery store?

All of this represents Money that is in your life.  Money that you get to appreciate. Money that you get to place your loving attention on.  


What you APPRECIATE (grateful, thankful for)  APPRECIATES (increases, grows, becomes more).


The more you appreciate the more you are putting yourself into the energy of receiving.

Start appreciating the Money that is in your life.  Even if your bank account is at $1, go in and appreciate that dollar.  If it is negative, appreciate the credit that they bank temporarily gave you because it paid for something FOR YOU and now you get to pay them back.

Appreciate the Money that paid for your gas or the gas in the bus you rode.  Appreciate the Money that paid for that White G63 you just saw pass by your house.  Yep, that is Money that you are now aware of and that is in your universe.

You get to appreciate that Money and call it into your life.

So in a Recap, here are the 8 things you are doing to repel Money:

  • 1) You don’t trust Money.
  • 2) You are nagging Money.
  • 3) You don’t respect Money.
  • 4) You don’t pay attention to Money.
  • 5) You constantly express disappointment, frustration, and lack of hope about Money.
  • 6) You are clingy AF with your Money.
  • 7) You do not give Money any love.
  • 8) You do not appreciate Money.

Now you are aware!  You can make a change.  Change can happen fast and I can be there to help you if you are ready!

Journal Exercise to Repair Your Relationship With Money

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Write a LOVE letter to money.

First,  Apologize for how you have been treating it.  

Talk about the way things are right now. Be honest and tell money how you have been clingy or unappreciative of how it has been showing up in your life and the lives of those around you.  Get it all out. Be real. Be detailed. Let it all out.

Second, Accept whatever is as what it is.  

Write about how you are ok with what has happened in the past.  Talk about the whole situation with judgment. Tell Money that you get it.  It is what it is. Explain why this is ok and you can love and appreciate the situation as it is.

Stop looking at a situation like “ Why is this happening to me”

Start looking at it as “ Everything is working FOR me.

Third, Write all about the good things money has done for you.

This is when you get to thank money for showing up in all the ways it has in the past throughout your life.  Really tap into this gratitude. Feel it in your heart and feel it filling up the room as you write.

Talk about all the things you love about money and how it is showing up for you.  Be very emotional and loving to money.

Remember money is your man.  Money loves and adores you and you love and adore Money.

Finally, Write about how your relationship with money from now on.  

Write in the present tense.  Focus on talking about how you are happy and grateful now that….

Speak about how much you love it that money shows up for you.  You love that every time you spend money it comes back to you three times more.  You appreciate how Money always is there for you and you always have more than enough.

Talk about how you trust and adore money.  How you know when you ask money to do something for you it does it every single time.

I love you money.  I love how you love me unconditionally and always show up.  I am beginning to have more than enough in my life.

I love how things are coming together for us.  I appreciate everything you do.

Thank you for …

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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