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This article discusses 4 reasons how replacing these specific words from your vocabulary immediately changes your perspective and instantly shifts your mindset about any situation!


Keep reading to discover:

  • 1)  Lesson learned from Mazikeen of the Lilim
  • 2)  4 Reasons to remove Have To from your Vocabulary.
  • 3)  My “Get to” vs “Have to” Story
  • 4)  Journal Exercise to turn your Have To’s into Get To’s


This article is sharing a Mindset Lesson you can learn from my favorite Netflix and Chill Show “Lucifer”.  

Yes!  Who knew you could learn so much High Vibe Goodness & Mindset Transformation from a show about the Devil straight from his right-hand Demon?   

But of course, I am known to take anything and shift it into something you get to use to expand your mindset and manifest the life you desire!

First, what is Lucifer Morningstar and who is Mazikeen of the Lilim? 

The Netflix show Lucifer is all about the Devil and his vacation to Los Angeles.  I mean even the Devil needs time off from ruling Hell.

The show is great in that the Devil is more focused on helping people tap into what they truly desire vs. creating chaos, death, and destruction.

This devil was sent to hell as punishment for rebelling against his Dad (God) but he wasn’t sent because he was evil.  He is actually the punisher of evil and tortures souls when they arrive via their own guilt for whatever sins they chose to perform while alive.

Lucifer’s right-hand demon is Mazikeen of the Lilim.  She is sworn to protect him, therefore she is in LA with him.

Both Lucifer and Mazikeen (also known as Maze) see psychotherapist, Dr. Linda. (Yes, Soooo LA and soooo good.)

In one of Maze’s sessions, Dr. Linda says “So you have to …”.  

Quickly Maze corrects Dr. Linda by saying “No.  I GET TO.”

The one difference in words from “have to” to “get to” shifted the entire energy of the statement.

“No.  I GET TO….” – Mazikeen of the Lilim, Netflix’s Lucifer

Not only does shifting her statement from “having to do something” to “getting to do something” give her massive power but it also allows her to assume accountability over whatever it is she is doing and gets her out of Victim mode.

4 Reasons to Remove “Have To” From “Your Vocabulary

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When you believe that you “have to” do something, you are buying into Victim Mentality.  You have no choice and it is all beyond your control. Someone else is deciding what you have to do at this moment in time and you can’t choose anything else.

Cue the crying baby.  I say this with love but Wan Wan Wan.  

You always have a choice.  

You always get to choose.

By you shifting to that perspective, you regain some semblance of power.

Start using the words “I get to…” for whatever situation you feel you have no power over and your perspective will change.

With choice comes many possibilities.

Just shifting your words shifts the energy and opens up your AWARENESS to other possibilities you were otherwise blind to.  


I have to do xyz places the blame on whomever or whatever is “making” you do whatever it is you are doing.

You take no accountability for the situation and therefore you cannot change the situation.

When you choose to blame someone or something else for where you are and why you are doing something, you give that person or thing POWER over you and your life.

The only way to shift is to accept accountability for the choices you made to get wherever you are.

You don’t have to accept accountability for what someone else is doing but for your choice to remain where you are.

Once you can acknowledge, “Ok.  I am here in this situation. I made choices that allowed me and my vibration to lead me here…”


Accountability doesn’t make you wrong.  It gives you the POWER to choose.

If you continue to blame someone else for where you are, you are saying that you have no choice in the matter.  If you have no choice, you cannot change the situation.

However, if you acknowledge that you have a choice then you GET TO CHOOSE something different. 


Speaking of Choice…when you are in the energy of “having to” do something, you are basically saying that someone or something is forcing you to act in a certain matter.

When you are forced to do something, you have absolutely NO choice.  Your free will to choose is removed from the situation and you can only do that which you have been forced to do.

Shifting from “have to” to “get to” brings back the element of choice.  You now get to choose how you move forward.

When you have a choice, you can look at the situation from a fresh set of eyes.  


Now that you know that you have a choice, guess what opens up MORE OPTIONS.

When you think that you HAVE TO do something it means that there is no other option.  You have to do this specific thing and that is it!

The door to any other possibilities immediately CLOSES and you become blind to the plethora of options that would have been available to you.

When you shift your perspective to I GET TO you open those doors.  You are saying, in essence, I get to go here and do this because it is my choice.  I could do something else but I get to do this right here and now.

The small shift in language now opens you up to all the possibilities available to you in this massive universe.  And soon this shift in perspective will show you other ways that you GET TO move forward.

I go into detail about how you can use this shift in mindset to go from the Sacrificing Victim to the Powerful Chooser.  This all has a lot to do with your capacity to receive and allow in all that is ready and waiting for you.  Get my new book The Aligned Receiver to learn more!

Keep reading to learn about my “Have To” and “Get To” situation and how shifting my mindset helped me manifest what I wanted all along.  Also learn the 4 Steps to shifting from the “Have To” Mindset.”

My “Have to” vs. “Get to” Story


Once upon a time, I was working in Corporate America.  I was pretty successful but my heart didn’t want to continue working for someone else.  I was an Entrepreneur and a Creative. I was ready to lead my own organization and help as many people as possible.

During the time at Corporate, I was in an “I have to” point of view.  I was making a lot of money, of course, I HAD TO continue working in Corporate.  There wasn’t another choice for me if I wanted to continue to live the standard of living I had become accustomed to.

I felt somewhat trapped in my success.  I went to work each day with an “I have to” vibe.  So eventually, I began to resent what I was doing.

One day those feelings didn’t align with who I was.  It didn’t feel good to go to the office and dread waking up.

So what did I do?


The first thing I did was shift my language.
 I shifted my “have to” to “I get to.”

I no longer “had to” go to work.  I “got to” go to work.

I chose from that moment forward that I was no longer going to give my POWER AWAY.  

I knew there was always a choice and at this moment I was choosing to work at Corporate.

To Read More about Changing Your Mindset:


Next, there was no more Victim Mode.  I shifted to Appreciation Mode.

I began to look for all the amazing things that my current job allowed me to do.  Not only did I get to lead and guide an amazing team of direct reports, I also was actively Mentoring and Coaching already and damn good at what I did.

Additionally, the salary from my job served as an Angel Fund for my business. It was funding advertising and promotions and I was able to use my resources to build my company while working my existing job.

There was so much to be grateful for when I realized that my Corporate Job was something that I chose and that I could choose or not choose every single day.

The day I chose to shift from the Mindset of “Having to” do anything was the moment I opened myself to all of the possibilities that ALREADY existed for me to manifest what I truly wanted.

Your Mindset is key to Manifesting ANYTHING you desire.

To Read More about Appreciation and how it is the Energy of Receiving go here:

Journal Exercise to Shift Your “Have to” Mindset


STEP 1: Where in my life am I doing what I “should” do or what I think I “have to” do?

Create a list of all of the things you feel you “have to” or “should” do.

STEP 2: Once you are clear on those things, shift your perspective about them.

1) Are these things necessary or are you only tolerating them?  

  • Write Necessary or Tolerate next to each item.  Be honest with yourself.

2) If they are tolerations, intend to remove them from your life.

  • a) List all of the things you are removing and how you will feel when they are gone
  • b) Write a request to The Universe (God, Guidance) to remove these things from your life with ease, grace, and swiftness,

3) If they are necessary to shift your perspective about them, make them things you GET to do.  DECIDE to do them.

  • a) List all of the things you are grateful for about this situation
  • b) Read this list aloud and feel the gratitude in your body
  • c) Write a request to The Universe (God, Guidance) that any new choices and opportunities present themselves to you quickly and easily.

STEP 3: Rewrite the list of things you Get to do with appreciation and Love.

Remember you Get To & Decide To do these things right now.  You have a choice now. New opportunities that are even better will show up quickly once you open the door to them.

STEP 4: Going Forward ask Guidance that you become aware of when you say to believe that you “have to do something” or “should do something”.

SUMMARY: Turn your “have to’s” or “shoulds” into “get to’s” and “decides” and then choose whether it is something you get to do going forward.

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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