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In this article, I talk about how Ho’oponopono is similar to Shadow Work as it focuses on Acceptance of Everything in your Reality being your own creation.  Once you do this, you love and appreciate it giving it the love and appreciation it has been craving.

In this article, read about:

  • 1) What is Ho’oponopono?
  • 2) What is Shadow Work?
  • 3) How does Ho’oponopono & Shadow Work Relate?
  • 4) How to Practice Ho’oponopono?
  • 5) Five (5) Important Things to Remember About Practicing Ho’oponopono


Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono (SITH) is an updated method of Ho’oponopono which is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness created by Hawaiian psychologist and shamanic practitioner Ihaleakala Hew Len PhD.   Dr. Len was a former student of Morrnah Simeona the healing priest who adapted the ancient traditional ho’oponopono to modern day society in 1976.  

Ho’oponopono is a form of spiritual, mental and emotional clearing.  The translation is to put things back into order, correct, adjust, rearrange, rectify, or to make it right.  

Dr. Len is known for working on himself over four years and healing every patent in a Criminally Insane Ward without talking to any of them.  

Yes!  No joke.  

Dr. Len set up an office inside the hospital and reviewed the files of the patients.  While reviewing the files, he repeated the Ho’oponopono mantra “I love you.” “I am sorry.”  

Flash forward a few months and patients who were previously shackled were now walking freely.  Patients were taken off medications. There were even cases that seemed as though they would never see the light of day…these people were released from the hospital!

Len teaches the idea of 100% responsibility.  He believes in healing the world through healing yourself.  By taking responsibility for all actions, you would have the ability to allow CHANGE to UNFOLD.  The idea behind it is primarily that EVERYTHING IS A MIRROR.  All that you see and experience in your reality is something that is mirroring back to you what is inside.  And because we are all connected, healing what is inside you will heal what you experience in the outside world.

Healing what is inside of you will heal what you experience in the outside world.


Your Shadow is where your wounds go to hide.  Your pained most wounded parts of you is your shadow self.  The parts of you waiting to be seen, acknowledged and loved…that is your shadow self.   

Those feelings thought of as bad, feelings like anger, shame, fear are hiding in your shadow.  Swiss psychologist Carl Jung explains that “Shadows” are parts of our self that we repress or deny.  These are the parts we are ashamed about or try to deem unacceptable.  As a child, you experience various experiences or traumas that cause you to hide various aspects of you that you deemed wrong or inappropriate.

Triggers help you identify the shadows.  For example, if you were made fun of for being “too proud” or “too weak”, you may have the tendency to repress any parts of you that display those traits. You will go to great lengths not to show these parts of yourself to the world (or yourself.)

Shadows are parts of our self that we repress or deny.

Shadow Work is where you allow yourself to become aware of what you are hiding or afraid to shine a light on and actively LOVING, APPRECIATING and ACKNOWLEDGING IT.  

Shadow Work is normally a heavy topic.  My version helps you not take this whole “law of attraction” “energy shifting” “living your best life now” thing so seriously.  Over the last 20 years, I have found that myself and anyone I am working with can shift energy best when there is a lightness of energy and a realization that we GET TO SHIFT and ADJUST with ease if we CHOOSE IT.  That doesn’t mean there won’t be tears or anger or strong emotion. It just means that we can use things like Reality TV to reveal what is going on and choose to shift as quickly as we want.

I teach you a bit of Shadow Work 101 => HERE and the results of it in Shadow Work Shifts => HERE.


Shadow work is all about loving, appreciation and integrating those parts of you that you normally hide and run from.

Ho’oponopono is the focus on Acceptance of Everything in your Reality being your own creation.  Once you do this, you love and appreciate whatever it is and you give it the love and appreciation it has been craving.

Shadow Work focuses on healing that inner child.  Ho’oponopono focuses on healing inside.

Both are very similar and the only difference are the steps you take.

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Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono (SITH) is built around repeating 4 key Phrases over and over similar to a mantra.  

The important point here is not only SAYING IT but FEELING IT.  

Feel into whatever situation you are experiencing and then say these statements with feeling.

You can do this anywhere.  I choose to do it in the morning at home where I can truly tap into FEELING.   I sit quietly and tap into whatever is coming up and truly feel it and feel the LOVE, FORGIVENESS and APPRECIATION.

However, you can do this whenever anything comes up wherever you are.


SAY & FEEL: I Love You.  

Tapping into the Unconditional Love that YOU ARE and the LOVE that The Divine has for you is key to healing what is going on inside.

As you are saying I love you, think of the love that you truly are.  Think about how much you are loved and supported by God. Know that you are not being judged for any of this.  You are sooooo loved.

LOVE whatever is coming up.  Whatever you are going through, love it WITHOUT judging it as wrong or right.  Just feel deep UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


SAY & FEEL: I Am Sorry.   

This and Step 3 are the most challenging.  So many times, my clients never understand why they are sorry.  

I even teach SORRY, NOT SORRY.  I state daily that YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING WRONG.  I always teach that whatever you are experiencing and wherever you are isn’t wrong.  It is perfect for you and you haven’t done ANYTHING WRONG.

In this step, you aren’t saying that you are wrong or that what you are feeling or experiencing is wrong.  In this step, you are accepting responsibility for whatever you are thinking and experiencing. You are realizing that nothing is outside of you.  You are telling yourself that you are sorry for allowing this to get this far or sorry for choosing this situation and now you are truly acknowledging it.

Do you have to do this step?  No.

In more recent teachings Dr. Len is focusing on “I love you” and “Thank You”.   In his opinion, LOVE and GRATITUDE are the most powerful and I agree.

However, I feel that in the beginning, it is important that you keep the integrity of the initial creation of this method.  And by you admitting that this is something you chose and now you are choosing something else is key to releasing.


SAY & FEEL: Please Forgive Me

In Step 2, you tapped into knowing that anything you see or experience isn’t outside of you.  You said you were sorry for this. You understand that you chose this and it is ok that you chose it.  You now get to FORGIVE YOURSELF.

No you aren’t wrong.  No you aren’t a bad person.  But YES you choose where you were and now you get to forgive yourself and move forward.

Again, like I said above, in more recent teachings Dr. Len is focusing on “I love you” and “Thank You”.   In his opinion, LOVE and GRATITUDE are the most powerful and I agree.

However, I feel that in the beginning, forgiving YOURSELF and allowing yourself to know that IT IS OK that you thought this, or did that or experienced this or chose that.


SAY & FEEL: Thank You.

GRATITUDE!  Yes!  You are feeling grateful to YOURSELF and to THE DIVINE.  

Thank the old belief or situation for popping up because it was there for a reason.  

Thank your body for doing all the things it does.

Thank your feelings for flowing through.  

Thank God for being there and loving you so much.  

Thank The Universe for supporting you.

Thank Guidance for leading you along the way.


The most common question I receive about Ho’oponopono is “How Long Do I Say the Mantra?”


Tap into your Body.  How did you feel when you first started?  Feel as the feeling lightens. Feel as the energy moves from your body and your field.


Often there are so many people that in the beginning aren’t aware of how things feel inside their body.  So a formula helps. I suggest that you say and FEEL the mantra for 3-5 minutes. Set a timer and go. Be consistent with it but start to become AWARE of how you are FEELING in your BODY.  Become aware of your THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS.

Continue below for 5 Tips on what to Remember when practicing Ho’oponopono.

5 Ho’oponopono Tips

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I can’t say this enough.  The Feeling is KEY. The transformation is in the FEELING!  The Universe speaks in FEELINGS. By you truly FEELING whatever it is that is coming up and FEELING Love, Forgiveness, and Gratitude.

It helps when I place my hand on my heart and I close my eyes while saying each of the statements.


Allow it to be EASY.  Things are as EASY as you ALLOW it to BE!  You have been taught since you were a small child that “Life is Hard” or “If it is Easy it isn’t worth it.”  But is that true? Is that really TRUE?

Ask Guidance how you can allow this to be easy.


Shifting isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.  Yes, that is a limiting belief I have and I can shift it BUT I am being REAL with YOU so you are NOT SURPRISED.

When you start doing Ho’oponopono all hell may break loose.  


Because all of your stuff that you have been hiding or not aware of is popping up.  These are all gifts showing you that they are ready to be loved, appreciated and released.

So don’t get upset if things don’t go as you expect them to go as you begin this work.  Everything that shows up is perfect.

Remember whatever is inside will express itself externally.  So now you get to acknowledge it, love it, appreciate it and allow it to release.


If you are sitting here saying that you don’t know what to direct your love and appreciation to, start with directing it to The Universe.  Start with focusing on Love and Appreciation of God.

Also, love and appreciate whatever comes up.  Remember that nothing is wrong and everything comes up for a reason.  So loving and appreciating where you are and what is happening will allow you to tap into the Unconditional Love that you truly are.


You can’t get this wrong.  There isn’t only one way. Trusting your own internal guidance will always lead you exactly where YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.

If you want to focus on the first and the last statements, DO IT!

If you want to focus on just saying “I’m Sorry” “Please Forgive Me” DO IT!

Whatever you feel led to do is PERFECT FOR YOU.  When you start to TRUST and KNOW that you are GUIDED from within and that your DESIRES are SAFE GUIDANCE, you will see shifts happen.


Guidance, help me to become more aware of where I am hiding parts of myself.  Guidance, help me to allow myself to release these parts with ease. Any place that isn’t aligned with what I am creating and where I am going, I ask you to help me to love, appreciate and acknowledge it now with all the love that is within me and all the love that I am.  Thank You.

Write and Say the Prayer above.  Then write whatever comes up. Ask what your next steps are.  Trust what you feel and follow through.


In another article, I will talk about how you can use Ho’oponopono in Manifesting.  Traditional Law of Attraction focuses on feeling good all the time, I will show you how you can use the clearing in Ho’oponopono to align more quickly with what you desire.

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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