How I Transformed My Money Mindset

In this article, I am sharing with you the one thing that helped me transform my money mindset and create a positive relationship with money.

You wanted to know more about Money Mentality Makeover and what I experienced, what it will look like when you get in and what you can expect if you do the work. Well this will provide you a personal account of my experience, how Money Mentality Makeover transformed my life and how it can transform yours too.

Read to find out:

  • (1) What is Money Mentality Makeover (MMM)
  • (2) What did Amanda Frances do to Change Her Money Reality
  • (3) What do you Learn in MMM
  • (4) Who is Money Mentality Makeover For?
  • (5) What did I like about Money Mentality Makeover
  • (6) What did I Experience After Taking the Cours

You are reading this because you are looking for ways to improve your money situation.  You are tired of feeling as though these is never enough money for you. You feel overwhelmed and you are done with always having to say “no” to the things you want or need to have.

I know how you feel.  I felt that way as well.  From the outside I looked like I had it all together.  I had a great career and made good money but there never seemed to be enough at the end of the month.  After investing in a few business opportunities and never receiving the payback I thought I would, I found myself in huge amounts of debt and feeling anxiety about what to do next.

Additionally, I knew that I wanted to leave my corporate executive job and begin working on my own business full time.  In order to do this, I knew that I needed to change my relationship with money. I knew that I needed to shift my mindset from one of “not enough” to “more than enough.” 

For the last few years, I had been hearing about Money Mentality Makeover, a once per year money course created by self-made multi-millionaire Amanda Frances.  I kept passing the course up and working on it on my own but year after year I saw how more and more women were really seeing amazing success after taking the course.

At the end of 2017, I finally decided that I wasn’t going to ignore the course again.  When the course opened for enrollment in January 2018, I jumped. I was committed to doing the work because I knew that if it worked for Amanda it would work for me.


Before I get into the review, let me give you a brief overview of what the course is all about.

Money Mentality Makeover is a 6-week deep dive course that takes you through Amanda Frances’ exact steps that she used to transform her money mindset and shift from earning $3,000 per month to as of the writing of this article to nearly $300,000 per month.  She increased her income over 10,000% over less than 7 years. I knew if anyone could teach me her strategies on turning “not enough” into “overflow” it was going to be her.

Amanda was in a never-ending cycle of feast or famine when it came to money.  She is a country girl from Sand Springs, OK who has now gone from never having enough to living the life of her dreams.

Amanda was living off of student loans, she had dead in jobs and lived in neighborhoods that felt unsafe.  Then one day she decided things would be different for her. While sitting on the rooftop of a luxury hotel in Dallas, she asked for guidance.  She decided from that day forward that she was open and willing to see things differently. She was ready to allow money to flow in easily.

Amanda also promised Guidance that if she was taught to earn and receive money with ease, she would teach women all over the world to do the same. 

After that moment, Amanda began to focus on transforming her mindset and her relationship with money.  As she watched her life change and money flow, she followed through with her promise. She created Money Mentality Makeover.

What does this matter? 

If you are ready to change your relationship with money, you should learn how from someone who has mastered it.  Whether you are working an hourly job, own your own business, are a housewife or husband...It doesn’t make a difference.

This course shows you how to shift your energetic vibration with money and elevate your manifesting to next level ease.


Amanda changed the way she interacted with money.  She transformed her beliefs and she developed a new understanding of the purpose of money.  Amanda developed skills to shift her energetic state and increase her understanding of the money, vibration and the energetics behind abundance, wealth and overflow.

In Money Mentality Makeover, Amanda guides you through 6 weeks of shifting your money beliefs and increasing your money vibration so that you too can attract money and abundance in your life. 


Over the 6 weeks, Money Mentality Makeover will teach you:


Learn to identify your limiting beliefs blocking your money flow


Transformation made simple. Discover a shifting process that will help you change your beliefs


You are worthy.  Learn how to become willing to forgive and release beliefs of unworthiness or not enoughness


Attract money by understanding the Energy and Frequency of Money and how to become an energetic match for money allowing you to receive money from all sorts of avenues and various ways


It is desire of the Universe and in high service of the planet for you to be supported.


Learn how to Manifest with Ease by trusting and allowing money to come more naturally than ever before.

Within the 6 week video course work, Amanda includes transformational homework and a workbook of journal prompts and deep guided inner work.  Additionally, Amanda has created a Facebook Group Community that will go through the course with you. A family that transforms together transforms faster.


In addition to the 6 weeks of deep course work, Amanda has created 15 Pre-work Videos.  These videos are 3 Bundle Money Mindset Courses “Drop the Mother Effing Money Struggle” and “Elevate into Overflow

Here’s the deal:

Both of these are also detailed mini-courses that include teachings, affirmations, journal prompts and guided inner work which helps to go even more deeply into changing your relationship with money and becoming comfortable with HAVING MONEY and receiving overflow.  These bonuses are valued at over $4,000 and just these mini-courses have resulted in massive shifts and changes.

Transform Your Money Mindset


Are you wondering if  Money Mentality Makeover can work for you?  Here are my thoughts:

This course is perfect for the person who is:

  • Willing to do the work
  • Ready to go deep and shine a light on their money beliefs
  • Going to look at their situation through open eyes

If that is you, click this link here.

If you have tried everything on your own and find yourself and your bank account in the same place as it has always been, this course is for you.

Make no mistake, you have to do work.  You have to work through the bonus mini-courses, do the journal prompts and create the affirmations.

This course is for you if you average $30,000 annually or $3MM annually.  Amanda has structured this course in a way that you quickly elevate from the Manifesting Basics to a doctorate degree in Quantum Shifting.

Money Mentality Makeover isn’t for you if you are not willing to devote your next six-weeks to going through the course work.  You will be expected to watch the 1-hour long video and work through the journal prompts and other transformative exercises.

If you aren’t willing to spend at least 30-minutes per day focused on improving your money mindset this course is not for you and expect to come back to this blog at the same time next year exactly where you are right now.

Your situation will not change until you shift the momentum.  Right now your momentum is going in the direction of not having enough.  It isn’t until you spend time and focus on changing that you will see the difference.


I signed up for Money Mentality Makeover because of Amanda's energy. She knows what she is talking about. She has mastered the energetics of money at a level that I desired to rise up to.

I love Amanda's teaching style because it is so similar to mine.  She is loving but very straight forward. Amanda also values EASE and CONNECTION.  Her focus is bringing out what is already there making it clear that she is helping you connect with what is ALREADY inside you.

The best thing about the  Money Mentality Makeover program is that each week uplevels. It takes you from high school diplomas in manifesting to the doctorate course...from manifesting basics (that we all can refresh and embody) to quantum manifesting.  Not only will you level up in your finances but you will find most areas of your life will also shift and change.

I also loved that Amanda offered a payment plan option that allowed for me to pay for this course over the course of 13 months which made making the decision that much easier.


My life changed rather quickly after my decision to move forward with  Money Mentality Makeover.  During the course, I received one of the largest bonuses (nearly $30K) and substantial large pay increase from my Corporate Executive Job. All of this helped me then take steps to leave my position a few short months later to work full time in my Business.

It has been several months since I have taken  Money Mentality Makeover.  The material is something that I return to over and over.

Why you ask?

Because elevating my money mentality is something that is a never-ending game.  Even as you reach one level you continue to desire to rise up to another. Some of my favorite videos are the Elevate to Overflow (Bonus Videos) and the Week 6 Quantum Shifting Techniques.

As my goals increase from six-figure business to 7 figure business and beyond, I can definitely say that taking  Money Mentality Makeover helped me to transform not only my Money Mindset but my entire life in a very short time.

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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