How to Establish Your Truth

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In this article, I talk all about your truth and how to establish what is true FOR YOU!  I also give you an actual journaling example to help you move from feeling not so good and stepping into & establishing your TRUTH.

Read to find out more about:

  • 1) Feeling Your Feelings Fully
  • 2) Your Inner Guide Knows What’s Really Up
  • 3) Actual Journaling Example You can Use to Shift your Sh*t

Remember:  This is YOUR LIFE.  It is YOUR STORY to tell.  You get to make your rules and establish what is true for you!  Check this article out here about Writing Your Own Story to hear more about this after you read this.


Is this really true?  Journaling on this question can change the trajectory of your situation really fast.  It can switch you from feeling really shitty to knowing what’s really up.

Let me tell you a story.

A while ago, I was in a place when I wasn’t feeling great about how a certain situation in my life turned out.  It wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be.  I wasn’t happy with where I was.  And I allowed it to get me down for a moment. My focus was on why is it like this.  Blah Blah Blah.

I got ready for my coaching session or I thought I did.  I thought I released my situation.  I meditated and got in the flow and I was ready for my client.  Well… things went LEFT really quick.

The overall situation did not go well.  My client was agitated about her situation and I was asking all of the agitating questions making the agitation worse.  At the end of everything, I ended up feeling like a horrible mentor. I really wanted to hang up and never talk to another person.  Not really but it was one of those Abraham-Hicks take a nap moments.

It is so easy to see why the mentoring call turned out the way it did.  At that point in time, I was VIBRATING LOW about MYSELF.  It was about a TOTALLY DIFFERENT area than my client but that didn’t matter because my FOCUS & VIBRATION was there.

Law of Attraction (LOA) brings “like” things together.  LOA doesn’t care if you want them or not. If you are a vibrational match with something, it is coming your way… I manifested a shitty situation that made me feel like it was a shitty coach because I was feeling shitty.


Just like you, I didn’t like feeling shitty.  I love to Vibe HIGH.  I mean I am THE Vibe Lifter & THE Energy Shifter.  It is who I am to my CORE!   However, I knew this was coming up because it is something within me that I needed to FEEL FULLY and ACKNOWLEDGE!!

So what did I do? 

I did not hesitate.  I quickly pulled out my journal and started to write what I was feeling.  I chose to feel my feelings FULLY.   Yeah, yeah yeah.   You hear this all the time.  “Feel Your Feelings, blah blah blah.” “Feel Your Feelings, blah blah blah.” and you sit there are you are like…um I’m feeling them.  What the hell does that mean?

Inherently, you think through and you feel whatever you feel without thinking right?  You feel sad.  You are somewhat aware that you feel sad.  So you are feeling your feelings all day everyday right?

No.  Look…

Feeling Your Feelings Fully means feeling your feelings with FULL AWARENESS and NO JUDGEMENT.  So when I tell you to feel your feelings, I mean to SIT and actually become AWARE of WHAT YOU ARE FEELINGS BUT DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF.

Basically, I wrote:

  • That I was not good at what I did.
  • I said I was always asking the wrong questions.
  • The thoughts in my head had me questioning leaving my corporate job and the six-figure income
  • I told myself I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing
  • I questioned whether I should shift my focus and do something different.

I continued to write.  I asked myself if this was really true.  I continued to write what I was feeling and asking more questions to allow myself to go deeper and deeper.  The more I wrote the more ridiculous it all sounded.

In the end, I shifted myself so fast that I was actually laughing out loud as I continued to write my thoughts and feelings.


Your Soul knows what’s up.  Your Soul is connected to God, Source, The Universe (whatever you like to name it) and Your Soul knows What is Up.    Was any of what I saying true to my soul?

My next step in shifting as I felt the energy lighten was to establish what MY TRUTH was.   In order to do this, I tapped into the perspective of my soul (also known as my inner being, my source or my true self).


  • I shifted from what was not true to
  • Something better to
  • Thoughts and Beliefs that were even more TRUE
  • To what the UPLEVEL Truth of my inner guide was


Your Soul knows that you can do, be and have anything you desire.  You Inner Being knows that you are awesome, worthy and that you don’t have to DO anything to be loved, adored or cared for.  Your Inner Guide knows that you are amazing when you are being 100% you and loves you unconditionally!

My true self told me everything I had already known.  My true self made me laugh so hard while journaling because she was like…”Girl Bye”

My true self wasn’t trying to belittle what I was saying when I was writing some of the funky feelings but she wasn’t buying it.  And I have good news for you, Your inner being isn’t buying your shitty stories either.  My Soul was like… “Come on Christine”.  Girl.. come on.

As I wrote my second page, I knew the truth.  I understood who I was.   I was clear about what was really going on.  I was ready to acknowledge the truth.  My truth.


  • I chose to stand in what I knew (& know).
  • I knew that I am a damn good mentor.  I had been successfully coaching and mentoring for a long, long long, time.  In my corporate job, in my personal life, in my own business, I have been leading and guiding people to b,e do and have whatever they desire for over 20 years.
  • I also knew that I LISTENED and ASKED thought PROVOKING (& maybe FRUSTRATING) questions which will cause frustrating moments and all that shit to come up so that it can come out.
  • I always helped my clients UPLEVEL and REACH HEIGHTS they have NEVER REACHED BEFORE QUICKLY.
  • I tapped into the knowing that when my clients work with me things become EASIER and their situations become CLEARER and the SOLUTIONS APPEAR!
  • I chose to not be quiet.
  • I was not going to play small.
  • I would always be 100% me!
  • I would continue to ask the hard and annoying questions but because when I do that my clients achieve transformations they have always dreamed of.

I have a secret… This took less than 7 minutes.  And I felt amazing.  I shifted and this hasn’t come back up again over 1 year later.

I have another secret… YOU TOO CAN SHIFT QUICKLY.

Check out the example below which shows you how to do the exact same thing in your journal.

How to Establish Your Truth With Journaling

Journaling Example of How to Really Shift Your Sh*t


Let’s say that you believe that you can’t build a successful business because you will have to work too hard.  You are still at your corporate job and really want to be in charge. Maybe you are feeling unhappy and frustrated all at the same time because you truly desire the freedom and flexibility of running your own business.

Here is an example of what you can do and how to move from feeling not so good to standing in your truth, to establishing your new truth and embodying it.


First, stop.  Sit and allow yourself to come back into your body and feel what you are feeling.  I know these feelings can be scary and uncomfortable, but this step is essential to you tapping into what is truly going on and you can feel where it is in your body.  When you know where it is sitting in your body you can feel it lighten and dissolve.


This freaking sucks.  I can’t have a super successful business.  I have to work toooooo freaking hard to make multiple six figures in my business.  I am already so tired. I don’t want to work so hard. I am so tired to do this and so tired of this whole thing.   I don’t even want to put forth the effort because if I do I am setting myself up for a life of endless work.

In the situation above, You are just writing whatever comes up without judgment.  You are the loving observer of what you are thinking and what is behind the feelings that are presenting themselves to you.  This awareness is what will trigger change.


Hmm…..Interesting that I think that me making more money I will have to work harder.  Interesting that I am distinguishing entrepreneurship vs. corporate work and saying that being an entrepreneur is harder. So interesting. I think it is interesting that I think creating my own content even if I love it is endless work.


Guidance, I am willing to see this differently.  Show me what is and isn’t true.

Well now that I know what I believe, what is the truth?  Is any of this true? Yes, I get it, I do being an entrepreneur will require work.  But really, do I work hard right now? Yep…Don’t I work over 50-60 hours a week already?

Am I making multi-six figures from the work I do?  No

So doesn’t it make sense for me to have my own business and work hard and make more money?  Especially if I am working the equal amount…. Hmmm

And right now, aren’t I working hard doing something I don’t even love…

Hmmm, wouldn’t I rather work hard doing something I love?  Yes. And maybe it wouldn’t even feel like work because I love it so much…. Hmmm probably

And in all honesty, when I create something for my business, it is something that is created that I could reuse over and over.  So is it really working hard, if something created once works for me forever?

And really, do millionaires work harder than hourly wage earners?  Really… Do they…

Hmmm this really shows me that my excuse isn’t true.  I could really establish my business without worrying that I would be creating a business and living to work.  It is all a choice.


Owning my own business isn’t going to cause me to work extra hard.  

I know that what I create works for me forever.  I love what I do

It is actually easier to start a business today than ever and I know that I have Infinite Intelligence on my side so I have a leg up and guaranteed success If I choose it.

I decide that from this moment further, I am no longer available for excuses.

I know that I get to do what I am gifted at and reach thousands and do what I love while making more than I make at my corporate job.

This is a complete win-win.  Yay for starting my own business and focusing on my business success. #winning.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.

As you can see once you allow yourself to observe the thoughts driving the emotions.  When you do that with love and without judgment, you can then allow yourself to see the situation differently. Easy simple questions contrary to what you are thinking can open your mind and show you what is truly true for you.


What are you telling yourself that you cannot be, have or do? Is that really true?

No Really… Is that Really True?

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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