How to Manifest Your Next Promotion Fast

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Over the last few months, I have had the joy of helping a few of my clients step into their next level within their careers.  There doesn’t have to be a specific amount of time. You can rise up to Director, Senior Manager and VP Levels quickly. Remember, ANYTHING is POSSIBLE because you co-create your Reality.   If you desire it, it is yours. This article discusses how you can take yourself from where you are to BEING the YOU who has that dream career and has been promoted within her job. 

Keep reading to discover:

  • 1)  It’s Time to Manifest Your Promotion
  • 2)  4 Steps to Manifesting Your Next Promotion
  • 3)  What to Expect & What to Do Next
  • 4)  Journal Exercise to Manifest Your Next Promotion


Over the last few months, I have had the JOY of helping a few of my clients quantum shift their careers and step into their Dream Executive Leadership positions.  It has been so fun to watch these ladies go from mid-level positions to stepping into the C Suites of Companies they ADORE doing things they love.

My clients have doubled their salaries and begun enjoying the perks of being Leaders where they otherwise never thought was possible.

If you listen to conventional wisdom, rises like these have to take several years but I have watched these women quantum shift and rise up in a matter of a few months.

Anything and Everything is possible for she who believes and becomes HER NOW.


Your next promotion is only as far away as your Energetic Frequency. 

How close are you to aligning with Being the HER who ALREADY has this position and that is how close you are to making those #ExecutiveMoves.

If you have a desire in your heart to rise to the Senior Ranks of your company then it is possible for you!  It could happen within this year and it could even be within a few months.

The only limitation is you and your ability to truly hold and embody the frequency of the woman who already is the executive doing what you want to do.

Keep reading and I will share with you the 4 steps to manifesting your next promotion. 

Be aware that this isn’t for the faint of heart.  It takes massive internal work and practical (sometimes scary) action for you to manifest what I am talking about here in a short period of time.

It also takes being open to whatever The Universe has in mind to bring this position to you in YOUR Path of Least Resistance.

4 Steps to Manifesting Your Next Promotion

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Moving up quickly for myself and my clients has everything to do with both Woo Woo Spiritual PLUS Do Practical Action.

True transformation happens when you can implement the change via Mind + Body + Soul.  And if you ask me I would say the Energetics and being ALIGNED with whatever you are bringing into your world is 80% of it.

You can definitely manifest things in your life by focusing solely on Mind and Physical BUT will you maintain it.  

Quantum science shows us that Physical Matter is DENSE and is the slowest moving frequency is Physical Matter.

By focusing on the Energetics First and Aligning First you transcend time/space and move more into working with space/time.

Step 1:  Get Clear

I say this a lot…Clarity is Queen.  It is ultimately the first step to Intentionally Manifesting anything into your life.  You cannot align with something that you can’t clearly embody the feeling of having.  

This is why the first step to you receiving your promotion is to get clear on what this position is that you want, why you want it and what it feels like to have it.  

Example questions to help you get clear on what you really want: 

  • What is the position that you want?
  • How much money would you love to be paid?
  • How is your day different?  
  • What do you do differently?  
  • Who is the YOU who has this position?  
  • How is she different?  
  • How does she hold her head and her body?  
  • Is she more confident in her skin?  
  • Does she speak in a different manner?  
  • Is she more authentic in who she is?  
  • Is she more comfortable with who she is?

Don’t limit yourself.  This dream promotion is only limited by you and your limited imagination.  This is your reality and you get to co-create it with the Universe.


I’ve had clients who moved from a non-leadership position to Vice President within a few months because they have chosen to no longer buy into the self-imposed man-made limitations of time and pre-existing rules.

I’ve also had clients who had positions CREATED FOR THEM because they BECAME the person for who this position needed to be CREATED.

There are no limits.  You get to create what you desire.

Learn more about Clarity

Now that you are clear with what you desire and who you need to be to align with this position, it is time for you to begin to embody the frequency of having this NOW.

How do you do this?

First, connect to your heart.  Manifesting through your heart is powerful and having your brain and your heart on the same page makes you even more unstoppable than you already are.

Heart Connection Process

Connecting back to your present moment can be as easy as taking the following steps:

  • Place your hands on your heart
  • Direct your focus on your heart.  Where your attention goes, energy flows.  Focus on your heart for 60 seconds
  • Breathe deeply for 60 seconds while focused on your heart.  You can picture your breath flowing in and out of your heart.
  • For the next 60 seconds start to focus on one thing you are grateful for in this moment.  Fiercely focus on this one thing. It doesn’t matter what it is. It can be anything including your pet, the home you live in, your child, your lover or anything that you deeply, deeply appreciate having in your life. Whatever you choose, make sure you deeply appreciate it and you can focus on it for 60 seconds.
  • For another 60 seconds, continue to focus on gratitude.  Say or think over and over Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.  Feel this gratitude throughout your heart.
  • For the final 60 seconds focus on radiating this feeling throughout your body.  From your heart to all cells in your body. Then focus this energy outside of your body.  Picture this appreciation overflowing from your body and aura to space outside of you, filling up the room or car or park and then filling up your neighborhood, city and then the earth until you have expanded it out to the entire universe.
  • Notice the shift in your energy and be thankful.

By spending this 5 minute period connecting back to your heart, you align the energy of your HEART and your MIND so that they can now work together.  Heart and Brain working together is a powerful powerful thing.

When your heart and mind are working together you can connect to inner guidance with greater ease and in a deeper way.

Now that you are connected you can do a few things.  

I am going to suggest to my two favorite tools – Journaling or Imagination (also called Visualizing):


Well, first thing is to start with the simple stuff, each morning write in your journal how your day goes from the perspective of being this woman.  Become the energy of her for 5-10 minutes each morning before work.

Favorite Journaling Tools:

Learn more about Journaling

Read more about Journaling Here:

Not a journaler?


You could sit for 5-10 minutes and imagine how your day goes as the Leader of xyz in your position.  Feel it fully. Immerse yourself into the vision with a TON of EMOTION and all of your senses.

Read more about Visualization Here:

Step 3: Make Inspired #ExecutiveMoves

After your journaling exercise in the morning, ask “What are the AlignedSoul Actions” i.e #ExecutiveMoves that I can take today to allow my manifestation to unfold even more quickly.

Then Listen.

Remember you are connected to your heart.  You can hear guidance much more clearly. Trust whatever you hear.

Within the first 3 seconds you get a hit as to what to do.  It may not have anything to do with physical work actions.

Example – New Opportunities: You could have the intuition to go to Starbucks before work.  While in line you get a conversation going with the woman behind you.  She asks what you do. You speak to her and she says that she is looking for a VP of XXX and describes the exact job you have been writing about.  

If you didn’t go to Starbucks that morning you would have missed meeting this woman.

Example – Special Project:  You get a hit to ask your boss to lunch.  You guys go to lunch and you express your desire for more responsibility and your boss tells you that they were just talking about this really cool project and would love to know if you were interested.  You accept. You kick butt and do amazing at this project. You get promoted head of the division of xxx which is leading this project.  

If you didn’t ask your boss to lunch, she could have offered this position to someone else.

Example – Leadership Class: You are nervous to speak in public but you know that the other teams would benefit from a presentation of what your group does and who they could benefit from utilizing you more.  You work through the channels and schedule this presentation even though you are freaked AF. Finally presentation day comes. The room is packed more than usual. You dive in and everyone is thrilled with your content.  After the presentation, your bosses’ boss comes to you and tells you that you are exactly what he has been looking for to lead his organization and be his right hand woman.

If you stayed fearful of presenting in front of a group, your Senior Leader wouldn’t have recognized your potential and may have offered someone else the position.

Each one of those examples are REAL LIFE examples that my clients have experienced and it shows you that it is possible.

Continue to ask for Guidance and insight on what to do next.  
Keep your eyes and ears open for practical actions to take to step into your leadership.  Anything going on within your group that you know you can help make a difference and move the profit needle or improve spending, put a plan in place to do it.  Follow whatever protocol you have within your company and show them what they will receive.

Surround yourself with Leadership Mentors in the company.  
Ask someone you admire within your company to be your mentor.  Show them how much you admire them and would love to benefit from learning from them. 

The more you are spending time with the Leaders within your company, the more you raise your energy to the level of Leader.  You also become a colleague vs. a subordinate. You become privy to conversations that Leaders have and you begin to embody and become the leader now. 

To truly embody the energy of BEING HER NOW, you also have to think about the bigger picture.

What does the company want?  What are their goals? How can you help them accomplish these goals.  

Imagine ways you can connect their desires with your desire and it becomes a joint desire that they can’t resist.

Read more about Being Her Now and Taking Action Here:

Step 4: Receive Receive Receive

This Universe is a Mirror.  What happens to you is an indication of what is going on inside. 

Opening yourself to all of the possibilities and being Open to Receive will remove the limited human component and open you to the Infinite Possibilities in the Universe.

It is possible that your promotion comes with another company.  Someone may recruit you away to your dream job in a way you may have never dreamed possible.

Hold on loosely to the outcome.


Don’t focus on the HOW. 

Focus on being open to receive whatever you are aligning to quickly and easily and with amazing delight.

Open yourself to Receive.  

Be open to receiving it all:

  • Receive feedback.  
  • Receive more acknowledgement.  
  • Receive and become aware of your true feelings about the situation.
  • Receive more Income
  • Receive changes to structure
  • Receive new responsibilities
  • Receive SUPPORT

Once you start stepping into your next level, things will show up.  You will begin to resonate with the energy of someone who is an Executive and therefore, you will no longer resonate with what you use to.

Therefore, you have to be open to Receiving all that comes with these changes.

When you go through the journal exercise, you will see that I proactively ask you to look are reasons why you DO NOT want this promotion.  This is because you may not even be aware of some of the sneaky reasons why you would self sabotage yourself from rising up to this new level.  But once you allow yourself to become aware, you can shift it once and for all!

Being open to receive awarenesses and maybe even feedback that isn’t what you wanted, will be the things that you need to truly embody your next level.

As a leader receiving support and help is imperative for you to take on all of the responsibilities.  Begin to look for places where you can receive more support (i.e. delegate and allow your team to rise up and grow with you.)

Look for places within your personal life where you can receive more support.  Do your kids need to take on more chores? Do you need to hire a house cleaner to come in bi-monthly?  Could you start to get monthly facials and weekly massages to take care of yourself and your body? Maybe the you who is an Executive has biweekly manicure and pedicure appointment?

Whatever you need to do to be in the energy of receiving more support, do it.

I wrote a book on receiving and why it is so important to your overall life, goals, financial situation and more.  Order The Aligned Receiver.  Go here to learn more.

Read more about Receiving Here:

Now that you know the 4 Steps, keep reading to find out What to Expect once you start implementing these steps and becoming Executive Her NOW.

What to Expect Now that You Are Being Her Now


As you get clear, embodying her now and making your #VPMoves, stuff starts to blow up.

Yep.  Limiting beliefs you never knew you would ever encounter happens.  You start to get overwhelmed. Everything that you could think of to stop you from stepping up will blow up in your face.

Guess What?

Celebrate!  Get excited about it!! 

Triggers and stuff that blows up is showing you that you are on the right track.  

Depending on where you are in your Vibrational Frequency and overall energetic work and what you believe about BEING HER NOW determines what comes up.

This is where the work comes in.  You get to actively LOOK at whatever comes up and work through it.

Your beliefs were absorbed by you during the ages of 0-6 years old.  Now you get to decide what you WANT to BELIEVE about yourself and what is possible.

This is where working with my clients, shifting the sh*t, tapping into their energetic fields, asking them the hard questions and helping to shine a light on the things that they don’t see was key in helping them to manifest their promotions QUICKLY.

When you want something super fast, investing in a Private Coach is always what I recommend BUT if that isn’t something that you can invest in right now, here are my suggestions for helping you move through the ick…

Remember what I said, you want to move forward fast you have to combine the Woo Woo Spiritual + the Do Practical Action to get where you desire to go.

This part is all about utilizing your Energetic Superpowers to Shift, Align and Become Her Now.

6 Steps to Moving Through the Doubts & Triggers Slowing Down Your Manifestation


Asking for guidance from God, The Universe, Angels or whatever you believe in for help as to what you are feeling.  Ask to understand further. Ask for your next steps. Then TRUST that your desires are evidence of what is next for you to do.  Trust your intuition.



Awareness is key in your transformation.  Asking for Guidance to help shine a light on what is actually going on and flowing from within is a critical step to you choosing something different.



Without judgment, Observe your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about whatever is coming up.  Acknowledge it with love. It was there for a reason. It showed up because it was ready to be seen.  Look at it with Love.



Now that you are looking at it with the eyes of love, you get to ask it to do whatever you would like for it to do.  I normally ask it to dissolve back into the earth and transmute into energy that works FOR my manifestation and benefits me moving forward in the way I would love to go.  You can ask for these thoughts, feelings, beliefs or emotions to rise up out of your energetic fields, physical body, timelines and any other place it exists for you in your universe.  Then ask for it to transmute into the earth and shift into light creating space for the new in your field.



You Asked and it is DONE.  Therefore, now it is time for you to shift into the energy of receiving which is Gratitude.  Thank Guidance for you receiving your new beliefs and these beliefs quickly become your default.  Thank Guidance that your default energetic frequency is aligned with you being her now.



Your intuition is guiding you at every moment.  You are being told what to do and where to go every second of the day.  However, you have been ignoring your “gut” (your soul) for so long, you no longer trust yourself.  You no longer take the action that you have been guided to take.


When you ask a question, the answer comes from within in the first 3 seconds.  That first instinct and feeling you get to do something or go somewhere, THAT IS YOUR SOUL SPEAKING.


However, you have been weighing the pros and cons and using logic for so long that you hold yourself up and no longer know instinctively what to do.


Getting back into trust of your intuition is required when you are looking to move fast.  The soul knows exactly what to do but full trust is required.


In this last step, this is the SCARY PART.  It is required for you to blow through the limitations and make any of these doubts and fears a thing of the past never to arise again!


ALIGNEDSOUL ACTION STEP:  Anything that feels scary, DO IT.  


  • If you are scared to ask that Senior Executive to lunch, DO IT.  Who knows what will happen during this lunch.
  • If you are experiencing a challenge and know of a way that you could help make it better, start putting forth ways to implement your idea.  Work within your system and rules but actively present your recommendations to the leaders of your company with a summary of all the benefits.

Fear is only there because your Brain was trying to protect you from the Unknown.  However, in order for you go where you have never gone before, you will have to do what you haven’t done.


Remember this:  This is an example of beginner to leader progression:

  • Beginner:  When you first begin your career, you ask what to do in a situation.  
  • Mid Level: Then you graduate to recommending what to do and asking for permission to fix it.  
  • Leader: Finally, you become an Executive Leader and you just fix the situation and then report back what happened and how you already have handled it.

It is time for you to tap into your ALL KNOWING intuition and speak forth in meetings, resolve issues and make the #ExecutiveMoves.


To learn More about Shifting Beliefs Quickly Read:

Keep Ready and do the Journal Prompt Exercise to get you Promoted

Journal Exercise to Manifest Your Next Promotion

Pin this so that you can find it easily!


As described in the first step to getting your next promotion is to get clear about what you think and feel about it.  You can’t align with something that you can’t clearly vision or embody the feeling of having. 

Remember this isn’t about getting any old promotion.  This is about being promoted to your dream position and it being all that you could have wanted and MORE.    Remove the limits of what this company currently does, go big, dream big, remove the limitations and tap into what you REALLY WANT.


  • What position do you desire to have?

  • What salary do you want?

  • Why do you want this position?

  • What are any reasons why you think this promotion isn’t possible?

  • What are the reasons why you don’t want this promotion?

  • For each of those reasons in 3 & 4 write three to five (3-5) reasons why those reasons aren’t true?  

  • Write 10 reasons why you are the perfect person for this position. 

  • How is your day different?  What do you do differently?

  • How do you behave? How are you more you?

  • In what ways are you more comfortable with who you are?

  • How much do you desire to work?  

  • How does your perfect day look and feel?

  • Who would you spend time with?

  • Who would be apart of your team?

  • Who would be your support?

  • What is are the key feelings you feel when you think about being in this new position?  Where do you feel those in your body? How can you recreate these feelings several times during your day?

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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