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In this article, find out 3 Tips for Consistent Alignment & discover what happened when I watched the episode again after doing the Shadow Integration Process described in The Bachelor & Shadow Work 101 article.  This shows you that changing your perspective and expecting the shift allows you to shift and change quickly and allow in what you desire.

Also, I talk about how everything is a mirror and how Tracy attracted Demi and her comments because of her insecurities about her age and how my perspective was a result of my MIRROR.

Read to learn:

  • (1) Recap of The Bachelor & Shadow Work 101
  • (2) How shifting allows you to take back your power
  • (3) Allow yourself to have open awareness
  • (4) Everything is a Mirror
  • (5) Vibration is Everything
  • (6) 3 Tips for Consistent Alignment
  • (7) Journal Prompt Focus Exercise


In Season 23, Episode 2, Demi the young 23-year-old bachelorette vying for Colton Underwood’s heart made a few statements about cougars and age being a disadvantage.  These statements got under not only my skin but the deeply disturbed Tracy, the 31-year-old bachelorette also taking a shot at becoming Colton’s forever lady.

Elyse, Demi & Tracy – Bachelorettes vying for Colton Underwood.  Courtesy of

In the last article, The Bachelor & Shadow Work 101, you can read it at this link, I went in depth about Shadow Work 101 and how you can use triggers to shift your energy and lift your vibration to one more aligned with your Best Life.

I performed my Shadow Integration process and rewatched Episode 2.  After rewatching I noticed a few things:

  • Demi’s comments did not bother me at all
  • Tracy made just as many if not MORE disparaging comments about Demi’s age
  • Tracy’s MIRROR (and MINE) was what attracted the “ageist” comments


When you truly shift your beliefs, you aren’t affected by various comments that people make.  Sure, you hear them but you also know that these thoughts or actions (no matter how stupid…) are only beliefs or thoughts.  The way a person acts or behaves has no bearing on you, your success or how you live your life UNLESS you choose to GIVE them that POWER.

I re-watched Episode 2 of Season 23 The Bachelor after integrating a piece of my Shadow Self which was focused on me being inferior or less than due to my age and the limitations that I could experience because of it.  During the show, I noticed that Demi’s “ageist” comments no longer bother me. In fact, I could laugh at her comments because I knew that it wasn’t true for me.

Shifting allows you to take back your power and choose how you view a situation.


When I re-watched the show, I began to notice something that I was not aware of during my initial viewing.  I noticed that Tracy made similar disparaging comments about Demi’s age. Tracy did many things and said many condescending comments such as:

  • Tracy constantly referred to Demi as being immature
  • She referred to Demi as not being ready for a more “grown-up” relationship
  • She also spoke to Demi as she would her child
  • Tracy “fixed” Demi’s hair (fly-aways) to “help” but her energy was coming from a place of being condescending

I don’t make these observations to condemn Tracy for her words or actions.  I share this to show how I became more aware to the full situation.  When I was in my shadow self and feeling less than because of my age, I was triggered and annoyed with Demi.  The things that Tracy said which were negative to Demi and her age, didn’t even register.  I didn’t recognize that Tracy was attracting the comments from Demi because of her own insecurities.

When you allow yourself to integrate your shadow and shift your limiting beliefs about yourself or your situation, you allow yourself to be open to view the situation from a less skewed point of view.


What you experience is a mirror of what is going on inside of you.  All over the internet, you see quotes that say “As Above So Below.” or “As Within So Without”.  You are probably like most and wondering “What the heck are they saying?” It means that everything you see in this physical world is FIRST created INSIDE.

Neville Goddard explains this as Everything being You Pushed Out.  So whatever you believe inside gets mirrored back to you.

Tracy views her age as a limitation.  Of course in the confessionals, she speaks about being confident in herself and ready for a serious relationship.  She says that she is so much “more mature than the other 20 somethings” running around The Bachelor mansion HOWEVER what she is EXPERIENCING is not mirroring that back to her.

She is triggered by Demi’s ageist comments and she reacts emotionally to Demi’s outward demonstration of confidence.

In contrast, Elyse is the same age as Tracy and you will notice that she doesn’t experience the ageist comments of Demi to the extent that Tracy does.  Elyse, in fact, seems to see her age as an advantage for her and something Colton could benefit from. She sees it as a sexy attribute and this gets reflected back to her.


It doesn’t matter what you SAY you BELIEVE.  The Universe speaks energetic frequency, not WORDS.  It is all about the VIBRATION behind the words that is communicating to The Universe.  

Though you may think you believe a certain thing, what you attract into your life shows up as EVIDENCE of what your true Vibration.

If you are unsure about what your true beliefs and feelings are, look around your life.  What are you experiencing? What is manifesting every day? What are you feeling most of the time?  Who shows up in your life?

Instead of focusing on shifting your words, shift your VIBRATION.  Shift your thoughts, feelings, intentions, decisions, and actions to those that are equal to ALREADY
BEING, HAVING and DOING whatever it is that you desire to show up in your life. It is important to EMBODY what you desire vs. giving it LIP SERVICE.

This is called an ALIGNMENT PRACTICE.  Alignment work is necessary in order for you to INTENTIONALLY manifest whatever you want into your Reality.


The question that I get often is when can I stop my alignment practice?  The answer is NEVER.

You get what you are aligned with.  So, if you were aligned with a million dollar business, you would have it in your life right now.

If you were aligned with a powerful intimate relationship with the love of your life, you would be in it now.

There is not stopping with alignment.  It is all about BEING HER NOW and WAKING AS HER NOW, and BREATHING AS HER NOW.  When you hit that tipping point and the Manifestation begins to show up (unfold) into THIS REALITY then you should still KEEP BEING HER NOW.

Remember, you don’t want what you want because of the thing or the place or the experience.  You want it because of how you think it will make you feel.  When you choose to feel that way now, then you cut out the middle man better known as the things, situations and experiences.   

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that the middle man won’t’ manifest.  This just means that you are allowing the thing, place or experience to unfold into your present life with more ease. And most importantly, you are opening space for it to be exactly what you want or something BETTER.


(1) Look for all of the evidence.  

Actively acknowledge all of the evidence that you are aligning with your Parallel Reality Self who already has whatever it is that you desire.  The Universe is showing you evidence of your alignment all day whether it is repeating numbers, seeing someone else doing exactly what you want to do and many many more.  Celebrate these instances. Keep track of them and thank The Universe that you are more and more in alignment with your Best Life each and every minute of the day.

(2) Be Her NOW.

View your Alignment Practice as Normal Daily Activity just like brushing your teeth and breathing.  Your Alignment is a normal daily activity. Each and every day you are stepping into and being the woman who already has it all.  You are feeling those feelings and making decisions as she does. This is just your normal everyday life.

(3) Address the Triggers (Limiting Beliefs) as they pop up.

You as a human upleveling and expanding are your norm!  When you go places you have never gone or reach for experiences you haven’t experienced yet, it is natural for your brain and subconscious to go into protection mode. These unknown experiences are seen as dangerous to your comfortable life, so it wants to protect you from the dangers of the unknown.  It triggers old beliefs and thoughts that align with remaining where you are.

Triggers and these Limiting Belief moments are gifts that show up when it is time for you to release them and shift to the new.  Celebrate that and thank and appreciate those beliefs for getting bring you where you want to be. Below watch the 25-minute Shifting Video from my Youtube Channel.  I take you through the Shadow Shifting and Integration process via video. Also, check out the last article that shows you the step by step process so you can address these triggers as they come up.  


FOCUS EXERCISE: Sit quietly and close your eyes for 1 minute and focus on what you desire.  

Now for the next 3 pages write without stopping how it feels to be the woman who has it.   

You have had it for 1 year and it is normal for you.  

What does your life feel like?

What does it look like?

What are you feeling?

Knowing how it feels is as simple as asking yourself the question “How would it feel to have xxx?”  Your brain will jump on this question and give you all sorts of feelings. Tap into your imagination and feel the feelings now.  Doing so is tapping you into the vibration of being HER now.


In another article, I will talk about how Ho’oponopono is similar to Shadow Work as it focuses on Acceptance of Everything in your Reality being your own creation.  Once you do this, you love and appreciate it giving it the love and appreciation it has been craving.

I also am sharing a 3 Part Blog Series which talks about Focus, Surrender & Doing You (Doing Your Soul).  In this series, I talk about Arie, Lauren & Becca.  For those of you who don’t know who they are, Arie is The Bachelor from Season 22.  Lauren and Becca are his bachelorettes who competed for his affections. Arie is one of the most hated bachelors and I tell you why in this 3 part series.  If you are looking for how to get your ex back, why you aren’t living your best life or why bad things seem to keep happening over and over this Blog, Series is perfect for you.

Until next time Remember your only job is to FEEL the FEELINGSBe HER NOW and take AlignedSoul Action.

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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