Most Important Thing To Be Grateful For

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In this article, I talk about The Most Important Thing for you to be Grateful for.  When you start to feel grateful for yourself you will begin to see massive changes in your perspective that will allow you to show up as YOU.

In this article, read about:

  • (1) The Most Important Thing You Get to be Grateful For
  • (2) 3 Ways to Truly Practice Loving Yourself
  • (3) Journal Prompt to Increase Self Love


When gratitude is taught, often most teachers forget one key thing.  This article will discuss The Most Important Thing to Be Grateful For.  When you learn to do this, you will see a massive change in your perspective that will allow you to open up to truly showing up as YOU.

All too often in the Transformation Industry, you are programmed to believe that there is something about you that you need to change in order to begin living your best life now.   You do process after process or take program and courses to “Fix Yourself.” 

However, the truth is there is nothing wrong with you.  There is nothing for you to fix.  You are a whole being.  Your natural state is WHOLENESS and all that you are doing is to step into and become what you ALREADY ARE.

To often you are shamed into putting others first as an obligation vs. as a true act of love.  So I often see my clients and students put themselves in uncomfortable situations because they feel bad for saying NO.  They say yes to going places they really do not care to go.  They agree to work on projects that do not light them up.

When I ask why the answer is almost always that they do not want to hurt someone else.

However, taking care of yourself is the most loving option because a fully loved YOU who has expanded her ability to RECEIVE LOVE is someone who has also, in turn, EXPANDED her capability to GIVE LOVE to others.

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Answer this question:  When you agree to do something you really do not want to do, what energy do you bring to that situation?   Sure you put on a happy face but ENERGY cannot be MASKED by acting.  Even good actors who aren’t truly FEELING their roles can easily be discovered.

Truly feeling gratitude for YOURSELF and appreciating who and where you are at this moment is soooooo important.

You do this by loving yourself.   There is nothing wrong with you and nothing wrong with loving yourself.

There is an infinite supply of Love. You loving yourself doesn’t take love away from you loving others.  In fact, the more you practice love towards yourself and There is absolutely nothing wrong about loving yourself.   Loving yourself is more than bubble baths and pedicure appointments.  

In the next section, I talk about 3 unconventional ways you can use to practice loving yourself more.


Here are 3 things that you can do to truly practice loving and appreciating yourself that no one else is recommending:

  1. Have the Hard Conversations
  2. Eliminate Tolerations
  3. Speak to yourself the way you would someone you love

Keep Reading to find out more about each one below.


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You are constantly putting everyone else’s feelings before your own.  Think about that time when you knew that you didn’t want to go to that party but your friend wanted to so you “sucked it up” and went anyway.  Then when you got there, you ended up not having a good time or getting a flat tire.  Finally, when you got home you wanted to kick yourself for once again not doing what you knew you wanted to do.


It is important for you to finally be honest with your friends or family when there is something that you don’t desire to take part in or do.  When you are honest and approach the situation from a place of complete and total love (for yourself and for them), you will be surprised at their reaction.  

Having hard conversations will mean putting yourself and your feelings first sometimes.  When you truly connect to your heart and evaluate the situation, if it is something you truly do not feel led to do or experience, be honest with yourself and your friend.  Because it is ok for you to CHOOSE YOURSELF and REFILL YOUR TANK and focus on something you wiLL ENJOY.


All that being said, REMEMBER, the most important person for you to have the Hard Conversations with is YOURSELF.  

  • Are you truly being honest about what you are thinking and feeling?
  • Are you allowing yourself to be completely aware of what is going on inside of you?  

When you begin to take a hard look at where you are and truly are honest with yourself about where you desire to be, then and only then can you rise up and allow yourself to leap into your next level.

Leveling Up is 100% about you telling yourself the truth, having the hard conversationsmaking the scary choice and moving forward in trust knowing that your Soul always knows the direction to take.


What are you doing that you know you do not want to do?  Is there anything that you are tolerating in your life?  Think about something that you can easily allow yourself to let go of that will allow you to fly just that bit higher.

When you are honest with yourself, you can find things that you are doing or situations that you are “enduring” that you would prefer not to.  You do things to “keep the peace” or “be the good girl” or “not rock the boat” or “to keep things as status quo because these things aren’t bothering you enough…yet.” 

Eliminate these Tolerations and you will see a huge difference.


  • Disorganized desk – You hate it but you allow it to remain because “it isn’t hurting anyone.”  Well, to be honest, it is hurting somebody and that somebody is you.

  • Working every single day – You are exhausted but you feel that you need to work this hard because you just started your business.  However, you believe once you get over the hump then everything will be ok. Well, the truth is you need to take a step back and allow the Universe/God/Source space to move. Taking time for yourself is an act of surrender. It is also an act of trusting and knowing that the Universe is on your side. Let go of the reigns. You can’t control Everything.

  • Staying in the relationship – You are bored to tears in this relationship.  You aren’t inspired nor are you supported by this man but you stay.  You tell yourself that you stay because you think it is easier than being alone.  But I have news for you.  It staying is suffocating you and your growth.  By staying, you are not allowing yourself to leap into the success that is waiting for you.  So tell me, is staying really easer?

  • Not starting your business – You know deep in your soul that you are meant for more.  You dream every day about having something you call your own.  However, even though you know that you were born to be the boss but you stay right where you are.  You stay in your current job because it feels comfortable.  You never take the leap to even if it is the small steps to start creating your dream now.  By you not taking the tiny steps to start your business, are you really safe?


Speak to yourself in love.  You have been taught since you were a child to be hard on yourself.  When you were a young girl, you were taught that if you aren’t hard on yourself you will never succeed.  Because of this, you speak horribly to yourself and you push yourself to the brink. You think by saying horrible things about yourself you will not slip. You call yourself stupid and dumb.  

Before you speak to yourself a certain kind of way or think negatively to yourself, ask yourself one of these questions:

  • Would I speak to my child this way?  
  • If this were my best friend, would I speak to her this way?

I bet your answer is No.  You treat others with more kindness and love than you do yourself.  This is what you have been conditioned to do.  However, like I said earlier in this article, there is no shortage of Love or Kindness.  Go ahead.  It is ok to give yourself the same love that you give to others.

Throughout the day, remember to take a moment.  Instead of having the same berating conversation that you always have with yourself, stop to think what would you say to your friend or lover or child in this same situation.

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1) Guidance, I choose to be aware of anything I am not allowing myself to see.

2) If I were honest with myself, are there any conversations or truths that I am hiding from myself?

3) What am I afraid of saying no to right now that would be best for me to walk away from?

4) What tolerations and I now willing to let go?

5) If I could write 5 of the most loving things to myself about myself right now, what would they be?

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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