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In this article, I talk about why transforming your Money Mindset is the one thing you need to do BEFORE leaving your job to pursue a business full time, BEFORE asking for a raise or promotion and even BEFORE leaving your current job to pursue greener pastures.   You need to Improve your Money Mindset and I will explain why you need to improve your relationship with money and how you can do it effectively and quickly.

Read to learn:

  • (1) Why Transforming Your Money Mindset is the First Step
  • (2) Two Important Money Concepts
  • (3) 4 Avenues You Can Take to Shift Your Money Mindset
  • (4) Does there ever come a time when you no longer have to work on Money Mindset?


You are reading this because you either are a fan of The Secret, Law of Attraction is your Jam or you spend your evenings Transurfing Realities.  So you know that your Vibration and Energetic Frequency matters just as much as your physical actions.

So get ready to find out the Woo Woo ways you can shift your reality and improve your relationship with your man named Money.

Are You Ready for a New Money Reality?

You are ready to change your financial reality.  I am guessing that among many reasons, like many of my clients you are thinking about leaving your job or changing careers because you are looking for more responsibility, a change in scenery and most importantly more monetary gain.  

Or maybe you are ready to ask for a raise or promotion because you know that the additional money flow will make a difference in your life and because you believe your skills are worth it.  

Maybe just maybe….you are ready to start your own business because you are ready to impact lives by creating a product and or providing a service that will make a huge difference AND you are excited about the limitless earning potential and opportunities that abound.

Having a Positive Relationship With Money (ie. a Good Money Mindset) is Key to Your Success

In all of these scenarios listed above, the first thing you need to check is your relationship with money.  See, the truth is that if you haven’t adjusted your mindset where money is concerned you may not even receive the raise, be successful with the business, win the clients or get the promotion.

By focusing on opening the flow for money in your life, you will allow money to stream – unbuffered with greater ease.


I’ve been where you are.  In late 2017, I decided that once and for all I was leaving my Corporate Job. I had been successful in my career and I had earned a significant amount of money over my lifetime.  

But here’s the catch.

I never had a surplus for an extended period of time.  I noticed that money would come and then eventually it would go.   It wasn’t that I was irresponsible with my finances, but energetically an overflow of money just didn’t “stick.”

Being both Spiritual and Strategic, I knew if I wanted my business to be a success that I needed to make sure my relationship with money was in a good place.  Being an entrepreneur would require that I allowed money to flow to me.

As a Corporate Executive, I received a consistent income. My bi-weekly influx of cash was expected and had been expected for over 20 years. Soon I wouldn’t have that.  I knew that I needed to adjust so that overflow was my norm.

I needed to get my Money Mindset Game in check or flow.


Two important concepts you need to remember when you begin to focus on shifting your Money Mindset is 1) Money is Energy and 2) Money is Masculine Energy.  Once you can grasp those two concepts, you can begin to take the Spiritual and the Strategic steps to shifting from underflow to overflow.


Quantum physics teaches us that everything is energy.  You, me, the phone or screen you are reading this blog from is ENERGY.  

Why does this matter?

Because that means Money is ENERGY.  

Why does that matter?

Well, there are several laws in the Universe.  Most have heard of The Law of Attraction…like attracts like.  Well another very important law upon which everything is built is The Law of Vibration.   The Law of Vibration states that everything is emitting a signal/frequency.  You can only personally experience something unless you are within vibrational resonance with it.

Similar to a radio frequency you turn to a certain channel and tune to whatever that channel is emitting.   Therefore, if you want to live in a reality where you experience increased amounts of money, you need to be at the ENERGETIC VIBRATION that is aligned with RECEIVING INCREASED MONEY FLOW.


Money is masculine energy.  Money likes to have a place to go and things to do. Because of this, I always recommend my clients view money as their boyfriend or lover. Or if it is a Male client who prefers females, I recommend that he thinks of how he would like to feel in his relationship.

If money was your man, how would you treat it?  How would you take care of it?

What if you are constantly unhappy and do not appreciate your boyfriend, do you think he will stay with you?  Often times, you complain about why you don’t have enough money or why what did show up isn’t good enough.

If you treated your lover this way, do you think he or she would continue to show up in your life.   In most situations, that person would leave and go to be with someone who loves and appreciates them.  

It is important for you to express your appreciation for money.  Trust that it will be there for you and will never let you down. Appreciate the amounts of money and value that do show up and you will notice that it begins to show up in increased amounts and value.  

The more you focus on the increase the more increase will flow.  Remember this is an energetic universe. What you focus on grows.

The Universe and Money both are a more masculine energy.  Lorna Johnson, Spiritual and Business Coach has a great article that talks about The Universe as the Magic Man.  Money is the same energy and wants to be there for you and do whatever you desire.   What Bradley Cooper has to Teach You about Your Magic Man: the Divine Masculine.

Side Note

Remember every human has both masculine and feminine energy.  It has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with the energetic properties and how the energy flows.

Now that you understand that Money is Energy and that Money is Masculine energy there are 4 avenues you can take to begin shifting your Money Mindset.

4 Avenues You Can Take to Shift Your Money Mindset

4 Avenues You can take to Shift Your Money Mindset

1 – Begin to focus on Money Mindset and your Relationship with Money on your own.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make changes and become the best you on your own.  If they do tell you this, it isn’t true. You are ONE with Source Energy (also known as The Universe or God), therefore everything you desire to be is already inside of you.  You can tap into that Infinite Intelligence and take steps to shift your Money Mindset on your own. Below are a few steps you can take to begin:

Step 1:  Decide.  

Make a commitment to yourself that you are going to shift your money beliefs and create a better relationship with money.  Decide that you are going to allow abundance to flow into your life.

Step 2: Become aware of your beliefs.  

Simply by asking Guidance (God, The Universe) to make you more aware of what you are saying in reference to money and finances.  Are you complaining about what is showing up in your life? Do you believe that money doesn’t grow on trees? Do you think that money isn’t important?  

Becoming aware of your beliefs is key in allowing yourself to shift whatever is popping up and make space for new beliefs that align with your new Increased Money Flow.

Step 3: Become aware of your money flow.  

Begin to keep track of your finances daily.  Track the money that flows into your life and be very grateful for it.  Keep track of actual money and the value that you receive. Value such as free coffee, a dinner, flowers etc.  All of that represents money that is flowing in and out of your life and will make you more aware of how abundant this world is and how much money and value is flowing in and out of your life.

Click here is you would like to download an example money tracker. This will help you track both the money and the value that flows into your life on a daily basis.

The three steps listed above will begin your transformation.  There are additional steps to take from there but this would be an excellent start.  For more small steps and or changes, you can make to shift your money mindset and improve your relationship with more you can go here and here.

Remember like I said above you can transform on your own.  From personal experience and experience of my clients, it takes a little while longer as sometimes you need some form of Accountability and that is where Coaching or Courses with FB Group Support come in to help you level up more quickly.

2 – Read Books

In addition to the steps above, it is important to incorporate knowledge both spiritual and practical so you can create a routine that aligns with the higher vibration Money Reality you are choosing to experience. 

As you follow the steps above, reading or listening to audiobooks focused on Money Mindset and improving your relationship with money will help.  Remember what you focus on grows. So the more you place your attention on money and abundance in a positive way, it will grow.

There are millions of books you can read (Think and Grow RichThe Science of Getting RichRich Dad Poor Dad etc etc) that will help you shift your money mindset and begin the journey to becoming more abundant.  


Below you will find my favorite female authors and even my own book The Aligned Receiver.  I love these books because they combine both the spiritual and the practical tools and show you how to take practical action.   

The list below includes affiliate links which means that if you were to purchase, I would receive a very small commission at no cost to you.  However, know that I recommend each of these books because they each in their own right have information that will greatly assist you on your journey.

The Aligned Receiver: 90 Days to Receiving More Wealth – The Straight No Chaser Play by Play to Take Law of Attraction to the Next Level

You are a Bad Ass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

Unleash Your Inner Money Babe: Uplevel Your Money Mindset and Manifest $1,000 in 21 Days by Kathrin Zenkina, Manifestation Babe

 It’s Only Money Honey! by Katrina Ruth

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance by Sanaya Roman


Get Rich, Lucky Bitch: Release Your Money Blocks and Live a First-Class Life by Denise Duffield Thomas

3 – Take a Course

Online self-paced courses are a $160 Billion industry and it is expected to grow to $325 Billion Dollars by 2025.  Millions of people daily enroll in courses to expand their knowledge and improve themselves or a particular area in life.

As I discussed above, I needed to shift and because I wanted to leave my corporate job sometime in the following year, I wanted to shift fast.  In order to get my money mindset where I knew it needed to be and FAST, I enrolled in one of these most popular and extremely effective money mindset courses – Money Mentality Makeover


Money Mentality Makeover is a 6-week money mindset course by self-made multi-millionaire Amanda Frances. Amanda created this course after finding herself in a place where she was struggling with her own money mindset.

She promised The Universe that if it would help her figure out how to create a positive relationship with money and improve her monetary situation, she would share whatever she learned.  She focused on improving her money situation and she not only became successful, she created a multi-million dollar business. Money Mentality Makeover is the course she created to help others who just like her needed help to improve their own mindsets and repair their relationships with money.

What makes Money Mentality Makeover great

I am a Transformational Mentor focused on Mindset, Manifestation, and Strategy. You would think after 30 years of studying, teaching and applying these techniques for over I would know it all.  Well if you think that you are mistaken. There is always something new and expansive you can learn.

As I looked at my results (my long-standing experience with money and what was being reflected back to me in my reality) I chose to dive into Money Mentality Makeover without any preconceived notions or know-it-all energy.  Because of this, I absorbed a ton of great information and took actionable steps to actively improve my money relationship.

What makes Money Mentality Makeover great is that even if you are a beginner or if you have been teaching manifestation techniques for many years, you will find something very valuable and actionable in each module of this course.

What happened after I took the course

Shortly after I signed up for the course I received a large unexpected bonus of over $30K and I received an unexpected raise.  I also manifested a layoff in April of 2018 (only 2 months after signing up for the course) with severance a few months later and all of the increased money flow helped me to easily leave my corporate job and begin my Mentoring Business full time.

Can I promise you will experience the same?  No, because we are all so different as far as our energetic alignment, our desires, and intentions.  What I can promise you that if you commit and go all in with this course, your eyes will be opened and you can shift and change

I am a proud affiliate Money Mentality Makeover because I believe in the course, I experienced massive shifts and changes and I have seen what is possible when others have DECIDED and WENT ALL IN.

For me, when I decided to take this course and focus on looking at my relationship with money from all aspects including my limiting beliefs and my overall awareness of my money flowing in and out of my life, I saw an immediate change.

Your results after taking this course are definitely up to you but if you are interested in seeing what is possible click this link and read more information about the course.

4 – Get Private Coaching

As mentioned above there are many ways you can begin to improve your relationship with money.  Among them self awareness & improvement, expanding your knowledge and implementing what you have read in books or taking a self-guided course.  

In addition to these ways, one of the quickest ways to improve your money mindset and quantum shift your beliefs is to partake in private coaching.  Private Coaching also known as 1:1 coaching is an effective way to become aware of beliefs, shift them completely and get clarity on what you truly want to experience and manifest in your life.

A Coach will not only help to hold you accountable for taking action and doing what you have committed, but your coach depending on who you work with can help to challenge you to go past your comfort zone, tap into your energetic limits and tap into that which you aren’t even aware of.

In my Private Coaching, I focus on both the spiritual, practical, and strategic aspects of manifesting whatever it is that my client desires.  If you are interested in working with me, message me here.

Private Coaching packages normally require an investment of time and money. The most important thing to do when evaluating whether or not you want to work with someone is to consider how you feel in their energy.  You may love the coach and all of the reviews and testimonials but if you do not feel a strong yes from the inside (from your Soul) then don’t move forward.  

In the meanwhile, continue with options 1, 2, or 3.  You can even consider a group coaching program which is normally a lower investment than 1:1 coaching but will give you a feeling of how it would feel to work closely with that particular coach prior to a 1:1 commitment.

Does there ever come a time when you no longer have to work on Money Mindset?

If you are asking do I still work on my Money Mindset?  The answer is HECK YEAH. We all do. Even Self Made Multi-Millionaire Amanda Frances does but it is on a different scale and things shift more quickly.

Mindset, Manifestation, Intuition, and all of these practices I speak about are like muscles.  You work your muscles daily and things get easier and easier but you continue to exercise them.

In this energetic reality, you want to ensure that you create momentum that supports you becoming strong and more solid in your new reality.  Therefore, you want to continue to build momentum and allow your new choices to become second nature similar to breathing or walking.

Does there ever come a time when you no longer have to work on Money Mindset?

No.  There is no Summit.  

There is no point in which you will never be expanding except at the time of your transition but even then depending on your beliefs, you transition back to the One Source energy that we are all apart of and that energy is constantly expanding.  

Here’s the catch & it is a GOOD ONE…

You will always be leveling up.  Even as you release limiting beliefs, some will pop back up as you reach a new even more fabulous level.  

It is all about your perspective. If you accept that this is how it is and also choose to view whatever arises with a positive viewpoint, you will notice that situations that normally used to cause great ill or anxiety will either fade away or will not affect you as deeply.

Journal Prompt


If I were in a relationship with money, how would money feel about how I treat it? 

>> How do I talk about money?

>> How do I think about money?

>> Do I appreciate money when he shows up?  

>> What do I say to money or about money to my friends and family?

Remember awareness is EVERYTHING. Be honest with yourself about and allow yourself to see what you truly think and feel about money.

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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