Your Shadow is Keeping You Broke

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Here is another question/answer segment that I am excited to share with you.  In this article find out:

  • (1) Why the story you are telling yourself is the reason your life is where it is
  • (2) The Scarcity Scarecrow
  • (3) Find out my money shadow experience
  • (4) Learn how to shift your shadows via journaling (actual example)
  • (5) 4 things to remember when intentionally manifesting what you want

Of course, names have been changed for privacy.



Dear Christine Michelle,

I am very versed in conscious creation.  I read the secret and I am apart of a ton of Manifesting Groups on Facebook.

I would like to manifest more financial abundance, however, I do not want to become an entrepreneur. I’m pissed because my current position has fixed raises and I do not want to work several jobs.

I read your blog and you said that money isn’t tied to my job and it can come from anywhere, but I am having trouble understanding where it could come from?

I know this is supposed to be a limited universe but I am scared to admit that I really feel like there isn’t enough out there.  Can you help?

– Corporate Ride or Die



Hi Corporate Ride or Die,

I understand where you are. There are a lot of things just in your question that has a lot to do with things you aren’t ready to admit to yourself.  These shadow sides of yourself that you are hiding away and choosing not to bring to the light.

The Shadow Represents unconscious desires, behaviors and driving forces that each of us has inside.  These are all things we would rather no one (even ourselves) know but the key to truly leveling up is to integrate them.

You can recognize your shadow self when you become aware of your reaction to certain things.  Often with your shadow, you are reacting and not even aware of it.  Where you are angry or feel guilty, you can often find a shadow there waiting to be found, loved and integrated.

For you, the thought of being abundant is appealing to you but you were triggered when you tried to figure out how.  You feel like a victim to your circumstances and you are angry.

Guess what?

You are angry because a part of you knows that this isn’t TRUE!  Your soul knows that you are only a victim if you choose to be one.  You know deep inside that there is another way!

Congratulations for reaching out and asking because seeking guidance (whether within or from someone you feel aligned with) is the FIRST STEP to changing and becoming the best you!

In this situation, let’s shine a light on your beliefs.

What you are saying is very similar to what most people think. You developed many many money beliefs at a very young age.

Some of your beliefs showing up ready to be released are:

  • Money is hard to come by (…can’t understand where the money would come from)
  • You have to work hard for your money (…work two jobs to receive more)
  • There is a limited amount of money available (…fixed raises)
  • The amount of money is limited by the type of work you perform (…don’t what to be an entrepreneur)
  • This is a limited world and my slice of the pie is small (…there isn’t enough out there)

The beliefs listed above are only a small number of beliefs you have going on. I’m sure there is also the common beliefs that I see often:

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees (Yes it does its paper)
  • Money is the root of all evil (No it isn’t. Money is just energy. Money is an amplifier of what is there.)

The Scarcity Scarecrow

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The Scarcity Scarecrow

One of the most prevalent beliefs here represents a Shadow Archetype I like to call “The Scarcity Scarecrow.”  

Yep, think Michael Jackson from The Wiz easing up and down your yellow brick road.

With The Scarcity Scarecrow, you are keeping yourself from receiving all that is available to you.

You see you know a lot.  You watched The Secret and you are a member in all the hot Manifesting Facebook Groups.  You are a Conscious Creator.

You have been told that abundance is unlimited and you know your friends and the folks in your favorite Manifesting Facebook Group would shun you if you admitted that you really were scared.  So you keep this part of you hidden.

Not acknowledging this fear and loving it equally as you do anything else is keeping you broke.  

You continue to lie to yourself that you believe in Unlimited Abundance but the frequency you are emitting to The Universe is one of Scarcity.

Remember The Universe speaks in Frequency, not Words.  You can talk a good talk but until you EMBODY whatever frequency aligns with what you desire, you cannot manifest it.

It’s OK and NO JUDGEMENT from me!  

You have taken the FIRST STEP.  Asking for help is so important to help you hear what your Soul has been saying all along.

You see that uncomfortable feeling you get every time you say “This is an abundant universe.” or “I am limitless.” or “Abundance is my Birthright”… that DISCOMFORT is a GIFT to you!  

It is there to show you that there is something not aligned with what you are saying and NOW you GET to perform an alignment.  You get to love and appreciate that part of you and transmute the energy.  Then you get to DECIDE what you GET to FEEL and ALIGN with GOING FORWARD.

However, as you continue to deny because you are so embarrassed that you still believe that…you are allowing whatever it is to remain your primary frequency and driving force.

In my book The Aligned Receiver: The Straight No Chaser Play by Play to Take Law of Attraction to the Next Level, RECEIVE More Money and Have More FUN in 90 Days, I talk about more about The Scarcity Scarecrow, The Gold Digger, The Controller and More Shadow Archetypes that are keeping you broke.   Learn more about the book HERE

Before I talk about what to do about The Scarcity Scarecrow, let’s just shine a light on some of your other beliefs and what is true or not true about them:

There are many ways to receive money. You do not have to own your own business.

  • Do most entrepreneurs have more income streams than non-entrepreneurs? Yes.
  • Does that mean that the only way to be abundant is to own your own business? No.

The only limits to you receiving money is your beliefs. Money is just energy.  Your job is to be a match to receiving money.

The idea that your raises are limited and there isn’t any way to receive additional money except for 1) entrepreneurship 2) working multiple jobs 3) lottery or whatever is the story you are telling yourself.

It is time to tell yourself a new story.

How would you like your money situation to be?

Think about how you would like to feel and experience money and start telling that story.



(1) One of my clients received two unexpected raises from her job after she started shifting her money mindset via journaling. The first time she received an additional $10K out of the blue. She was called into the office and told that they needed to right-size her salary to align with some new shifts and boom she had $10K more in salary. This wasn’t during a raise time. This was completely unexpected.

(2) The second time this client received another $10K. She shifted jobs and moved within her company. They were trying to give her less but she declared in her journal that she wouldn’t accept any less than $10K and they gave it to her.

(3) I have had a client receive a huge raise without a promotion when everyone else in her group her received less than 1%.

(4) I have had clients receive unexpected checks in the mail from insurance refunds, random settlements and more.

(5) I have another client who received multiple UNEXPECTED raises and promotions within a 6 month period.

The possibilities of how abundance will flow to you are UNLIMITED.

It isn’t your job to figure out how (see the 4 Things To Remember below).


It is your job to align with the frequency of receiving.

You have some deep beliefs there and could do shadow work to shift them.


Check out my example below for the way you can shift this through your journaling work.

Journal Prompt Exercise to Integrate Shadows

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I recently had my own dance with The Scarcity Scarecrow.   Recently I received a large sum of money and the first thought that came into my mind was “I don’t want to lose this.” A fear that it was going to be hard to come by came up hard and fast.

When this happens, I celebrate because I get to shift this. It is at the service ready to be shifted.

This is what I did and exactly what you can do:



I made myself aware of what I was thinking. Instead of keeping this in my head I stated what I was thinking out loud.

In my journal, I wrote exactly what was coming up and how I was feeling.

I think that this 5 figure amount is going to disappear. I think that I am going to run out. I think that there is not more coming after this. I think that I will not receive any more. This makes me feel scared. This makes me worry about spending or paying anything. This makes me terrified.



This thought is coming up from my inner child. A part of me feels insecure and that there is some limitations where money was concerned. I was scared that it wouldn’t show up despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

I acknowledged it without judgment. I became an observer of my thoughts and the beliefs that were coming up. I made it more of “Hmmm this is interesting.” instead of “What the f**k am I doing still thinking like this. I know better.”

In my journal I wrote:

Hmm, this is very interesting that I think that the money that flowed in is the last amount of money I will ever get. Interesting that I think it will run out. Hmmm, Interesting.

Additionally, I thought what is the scariest thing I could do about this awareness and how I was feeling?  For me, it was letting anyone know that this is how I was feeling. I am supposed to be the Coach and Mentor.  

I can’t show this vulnerable side right?  No way.

However, I fought the urge to HIDE and I spoke these thoughts aloud to my client o my client and told her that this is the thought that came up and now that I am going choose what I want my story to be.

This step helped me give my shadow the acknowledgment it desired and allowed me to state what I was going to do and how it was going to be going forward.

You don’t have to share your intimate shadow thoughts on your next FB post but just by acknowledging them aloud to yourself or a close friend helps to shift the energy and shine a light on what you have been hiding all along.


I accepted this thought and the feelings that it brought up. I didn’t push against it. I didn’t look at it as bad or wrong. It just was. I accepted it.

I wrote:

I said, hmm this is interesting and you know what? It is what it is. This is how I believe right now. I think this way and it is fine. It is completely fine.


I choose to love and appreciate the part of me that believed this way. I let myself know that it is ok that I believed this. These thoughts were there for a reason and it protected me or helped me to survive for so long.

Truly feeling the love and appreciation for yourself and this inner child part of you is key to looking at it without judgment. Speak to yourself like you would a little person in your life. Treat yourself with all the love and kindness you have inside.

I wrote

Thank you. Thank you Christine for thinking and believing this. I know circumstances proved this to me at some point. I love and appreciate you regardless of what you believe. It is ok to feel scared and worried. I know that you experienced feast and famine. I know that this was how it was for you. I love you and I appreciate you. It is going to be ok.



Now that I had become aware, acknowledged, accepted and appreciated the belief it was time to release it. An easy way to release is first telling myself the truth…  also known as beginning to change my story.

I wrote

Well now that I know what I believe, what is the truth?

Is it true that I will not receive anymore money in my life? Well…No that isn’t true. I know I will receive more in fact I am scheduled to receive more in a few days.

Is it true that I will not there are any money limitations? Well Nope! Money is printed all day every day. The economy is constantly expanding. There are more Millionaires and Billionaires in the world than ever before. More people become Millionaires every single day. Money is unlimited. I am one with God’s Infinite Wealth. Abundance is my birthright. This is how it is. This is how I choose for my life to be.

I went through each one of the limiting beliefs, concerns and feelings that showed up and allowed myself to see what was true.

Once I understood the truth, I chose to release those thoughts and beliefs once and for all. I also did a short visualization to release the fear and worry from my body and energetic field. I allowed myself to visualize this evaporating from my body and field and dissolving. I intentionally feel the lightness of this being gone and thank The Universe.

Remember: When you Ask it is DONE and DONE.



Now that I opened up space, I can fill up this space with new beliefs. It is time for my new story. What story did I want to tell? What does the ME who has hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing in daily believe? How does she feel?

In my journal, I wrote

I am one with The Universe’s infinite wealth. God takes care of me. The Universe has my back. I choose to be The Aligned Receiver.  I get to receive all that I desire. This world is always expanding and I am always supported. I grateful for the money that I have and I am so grateful for the money that is flowing in. I am a happy participant in this expanding and abundant economy.

I love participating in this economy and helping others with my purchases. I love that every time money flows out of my account it comes back to my account 3 times more. I have an abundance of money, love and health. Thank you for my soul tribe audience. Thank you that I get to be a channel and provide all of these products and services that help and inspire so many everyday. Thank you for all of my clients who love to work with me and love to pay me for their amazing results and transformations. Thank you so much. I know that money is always flowing to me. I know that I get to live in more abundance than I could even imagine. Thank you Thank you Thank you.



Now it is time for me to ask for guidance.  I shifted your beliefs and integrated my beautiful shadow side.  

In my journal, I wrote

Now that I know that Abundance is my Birthright, now that I choose to embody the feeling of being abundant in all of the areas of my life, what would you have me do?  What is the AlignedSoul Action I should take in this moment?

After writing I discern what my first thought or impulse is.  Your Soul speaks to you all the time. You can trust your first instinct.  Listen to the first thought before the mind jumps in with doubt or insecurity.

For me the first thought was to create an email and blog post based on this topic so that more people could benefit from what I am sharing.  It is a joy to help even more people step up and claim their birthrights of abundance as well.

I go through this process and so much more in my Journal Manifest Win Course.  You can get Part 1 of the course FREE when you order my book The Aligned Receiver.  

The Aligned Receiver will go into Shadow Archetypes focused around Receiving and how you can integrate them and alchemize them to allow you to be free of the shame and guilt associated with them.   Learn more about The Aligned Receiver & Your Free Journal Manifest Win Workshop HERE.



While I journal, I am feeling the feeling of everything I write. It all feels real. It feels fun. It excites me. It is fun.   When you feel it now, you are ALIGNING with the FREQUENCY of it NOW!


When you feel it now, you are ALIGNING with the FREQUENCY of it NOW!

4 Things to Remember When Intentionally Manifesting What You Want

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Figuring out how you are going to receive additional money in your life is not your job. Chances are it will come in ways you NEVER expected. Your job is to KNOW it is DONE and to take inspired action (see number 4 below).


Sit in the feelings and energy of having. Even if you only have $25 in your account, appreciate it.  APPRECIATION IS THE FREQUENCY OF RECEIVING.   

Speak and Feel how it feels to receive and always have more than enough. Remember it is all about the story you are telling. What are you thinking and believing about money. Feel the way the YOU who has overflow feels. Then and only then can you become an energetic match to receiving the overflow.


There are millions of ways The Universe can provide for you. If you have trouble believing that, open your eyes and watch the world around you. Ask Guidance to show you more ways that money can flow into your life. Trust that God/Universe/Angels has your back and know that you are being taken care of.

Your New Story: Everything is working for me. Everything works in my favor. My high vibration raises the vibration of those around me. My abundance helps me and others.


When you get ideas to do something or go somewhere, trust your intuition and go. Take the AlignedSoul Inspired Actions. The Universe honors speed and decision.What does that mean? That means that The Universe honors the person who trusts their intuition and follows inspired guidance immediately. You don’t know where it will lead but know that it will be for your highest good.

Hugs, Kisses & all the Feelz,

Christine Michelle

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