Resistance Alchemy™ Workshop

Workshop to help you tap into your Transformation Magic, Get Clear, Alchemize Resistance, Quantum Heal & Manifest What You Desire

Tap into your Transformation Magic

Finally Stop Self Sabotaging Behaviors, Ditch Limiting Beliefs and Shift Conditioning within your centers helping you Align with the Core of who you are and Embody the Codes of Your Next Level 

Your Portal  to Finally Embody Transformation

Finally stop the self-sabotage, kick the limiting beliefs to the curb and Manifest with Grace and Ease


Do you often feel like manifesting isn't working for you?

Do you get exhausted with the endless processing and shadow work that doesn't seem to change anything or doesn't seem to have lasting results?

Do you feel you self-sabotage every single time you manifest what you want?

Attracting what you desire into your life is based on energetic alignment.

Alignment happens when your aura is at the same frequency of what you desire. Your aura is made up of your whole being (mind, body and soul).

Effortless lasting manifestation cannot happen when your mind, body and soul are all vibrating at different frequencies

Reason you aren’t manifesting is because of Resistance

This resistance is a result of years and years of conditioned beliefs and thoughts within the centers of your body.

Everything is energy and the one thing energy loves to do is flow.  

Resistance is stagnant energy that is sitting there in your body and your mind resisting your transfomation   

You are a natural manifestor  

What you desire reveals itsself within because it is ALREADY yours.  

However lifetime after lifetime of conditioning causes you to resist receiving what is possible for you.  

This conditioning is causing you to self-sabotage over and over again.

What do you "do" with this Resistance?

Traditional thought offers two different ways to approach resistance.


The Doing Based approach is similar to traditional shadow work which is pretty mindset focused.  

Figure out why.
Understand the why.
What went wrong?
How do you fix it?
Who, What, When, Where, Why?

This isn’t wrong and it works ... but it keeps you in processing mode and trying to figure out where you went "wrong"



Feel fully whatever is coming up & not trying to figure out anything.

Holding space and allowing both energies to exist and holding space for both.  

This approach powerful because it brings you back to the knowing that all parts of you are perfect and find. 

Feeling the lower frequency, knowing that it is guidance and it isn’t something you get rid of.  


What if I told you there is an EASIER Way?

I've used both approaches.

I started off with the traditional doing based approach (masculine) & then shifted completely to the being based approach (feminine) but there was always something missing.

What was missing?


I've done all the approaches.

I stayed positive and ended up back where I was before I manifested anything.  

I processed and processed and ended up EXHAUSTED from all the processing and guess what... ended up in the same place.

I held space to expand & then guess what, stayed in the same place.

I continued to self-sabotage.
I caved into fear.

Consistent & Powerful Intentional Manifesting (Quantum Manifesting) doesn't come from being happy all the time nor does it come from continually processing and trying to figure out what you have done wrong. 

True expansion comes when you allow yourself to harmonize all parts of you.  Alignment Soul+Mind+Body is KEY.


I am here to teach you ACCEPTANCE & help you to become powerfully MAGNETIC to your desires through Energetic SYNERGY & GRACE.

In order to fully align with something and allow it to become apart of you (the whole you - soul, body and mind) it is key to transform in all the ways.  

Your soul knows.  It is connected to your over soul (aka your Higher Being/Source) and it is what is calling you towards what is possible  

However it is your Body and Mind that get to come into alignment with your new frequency and way of being.  

Doing Based Approach is pushing and acting in order to change what is.  So there is non acceptance there.

Being Based approach is accepting and allowing which is exactly what the Doing Based approach is missing but it also isn't bring your mind aboard.  


Resistance Alchemy™

Resistance Alchemy™ 5A Transformation is focused on HARMONY  
Transformation Soul+Body+Mind
Bringing All of you into Alignment

Being from a place of Acceptance what is & not needing anything to change.  

Doing not from a place of needing to change but from a place of embracing new coding.

  Embodiment & expanding actual energetic space in your body and intentionally aligning with the frequency of your new possibilities and intentionally reminding yourself of your new upgraded codes.


Resistance Alchemy™ Workshop

Workshop to help you tap into your Transformation Magic, Get Clear, Alchemize Resistance, Quantum Heal & Manifest What You Desire

90 Minute Workshop

1) Get Clear about your Inner Desires and Intentions

2) Quantum Heal by Embodying Harmonic Synergy with your Doing+Being Energies

3) Embody your energetic shift by implementing The AlignedSoul Resistance Alchemy™ 5A Transformation Process

4) Integrate with select hot seat coaching & actionable steps for tangible results

Workshop was recorded Live and is now available immediately.

This is what we are going to do during the Workshop:


Before the workshop you are going to get clear about what you desire to manifest.  During the workshop you will experience teaching and activation receive channeled guidance, energetic downloads and uploads.  

This container has been created for your highest good and alignment and with massive unconditional love and intention for this experience to be full of ease and grace.


In order to truly create energetic space you will learn and experience The AlignedSoul Resistance Alchemy™ 5A Transformation Process where you transform limiting beliefs and embrace and allow shadows.

Embodiment of all parts of you is key and during the workshop, you will use the 5A Transformation process to utilize both the Doing + Being Energies to create harmonic synergy within your energetic frequency and allow yourself to easily integrate the new way of being.

Additionally with a bit of movement and breathwork, you will allow yourself to fully experience the feeling of what you truly desire in your NOW Present Moment.


True transformation happens when you bring your align your SOUL + your BODY + your MIND.  During Integration, this is where you will bring your mind on board with your new reality.  

Through the art of contemplation and conscious language, you will begin to integrate the upgraded coding and frequency into your Mind allowing it to become a safe available choice for your Mind. 

What The People Are  SAYING 

It's hugs, kisses and all the feelz...

Christine and her dream have literally changed my life.

 Christine has many different tools that helped me get where I was trying to go. I got to work along side some of her other clients and see with her guidance that their goals and successes also came to be.

Within the first couple days of work I felt the changes. Christine showed me that I DO get to live with ease and that I just needed to realign. I regained my crown and stood up to be my queen self again.

I worked on my personal alignment and things changed everyday.

Along the way the amazing king that was meant for me came into my life and I started a successful Etsy shop.

I am extremely happy with the 30 Day Manifesting Challenge and feel truly thankful for Christine Michelle. She’s an amazing coach and wonderful person. She and her dream have literally changed my life.

A true example that the universe knows what you need and wants to take care of you. That when you lean back and ask for guidance even though sometimes it’s unknown you’ll be taken care of and be guided to where you need to be.

The universe brought me, and now you to Christine Michelle. She’s touched my life and I’m sure she’ll touch yours.

Best wishes on your journey.

Beth Scheid RDH  |  The Queen of Arts / Master of Arts




Prepare for the workshop with short exercises to get clear on your intentions for the workshop.  Create Your Scent Anchor to lock in the frequency for the 5A Transformation Process



90 Mintue Workshop helping you to Manifest Faster NOW and carry what you have learned into your life and allow yourself to receive your desires with Grace and Ease.


Experience Hot Seat Coaching during the Workshop & Energetic Shifts energy shifts before during and after the workshop with various  tools and journal prompts


Gorgeous Password Protected Membership Site where you will find the exercises+the workshop recording

What The People Are  SAYING 

It's hugs, kisses and all the feelz...


Christine Michelle


Christine Michelle is the Founder and CEO of The AlignedSoul by Ana-Hob Personal Development Brand and author of The Aligned Receiver. Lover of the Woo (spiritual) + the Do (practical), Christine left her successful Corporate Executive career to step into her Soul’s Calling.

Known as The Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter, Christine is a Frequency Alchemizer who helps you shift your frequency and elevate your consciousness to new levels.

Utilizing Human Design, Quantum Physics, NLP, EFT, Gene Keys and a ton of other modalities made her own, Christine helps you to tune into your own wholeness and welcome you home to who you truly are.  She makes Quantum Leaps #normal. Intentional Manifestation gets to be easy.

You can find Christine at:
Instagram:  @thealignedsoul
FB: The AlignedSoul Collective