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Make This Year Your BEST YEAR YET!

This is for the entrepreneur ready to have HUGE growth without working 3754849 hours, self-sabotaging, experiencing a dysregulated nervous system or stopping their success in the midst of the leap.


This 3-day immersion will teach you the energetics, embodiment, leadership and #ofcourse strategy to make the next year your most potent, successful and money making year EVER.  

I will take you through the energetics, manifestation, alignment practices, strategy, leadership, and who, what, when where and how I am creating a $2.5MM or MORE year next year and how you can create your 10x year TOO!

This isn't just the business, we are going to talk about all areas of life and you get to set your goals, and intentions.  Get ready to ROCK OUT.

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ICONIC Content

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name. is Christine Michelle

Hi! I am Christine Michelle, the Quantum Manifestation Queen known worldwide as The Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter. People call me that because my mere presence causes them to shift their energy and vibration to align with receiving everything they have ever wanted.  I have helped my clients create million dollar ++ businesses with million dollar kick ass lives to match them.  

Helping you remember who TF you truly are is my SOUL's WORK.  It is what I was born to do.  I am an energetic alchemist. When you enter into The AlignedSoul Universe you leave BETTER than you were when you arrived.

I've been in this Manifesting Game for over 30 years and have not only manifested my BEST LIFE, but I have also helped over 16,000 clients and students do the same.  After 20 years of being a corporate executive who led two world-renowned 9-figure brands, I left to create The AlignedSoul.  TAS is an intenational brand known and loved in 80 different countries all over the world.

I manifested my Sex and The City Life which included moving to New York, living down the street from Sarah Jessica Parker, tripling my salary, and more goodness.  I also created my most amazing muti-six figure brand, living in a gorgeous high-rise in the most expensive area of Downtown Saint Petersburg, and driving my gorgeous white Tesla named Angel.

I am a Master Manifestor and so are YOU.   After working with me, my clients experience deep shifts that feel instant for them.  

They are:
* Making More Money
* Have successful businesses that blow their mind
* Created movements that attract their ideal customers
* Feel More Confident & Self Assured
* They Manifest the TOTAL Life (relationship, body and physical health) they truly desire

If you have a BIG VISION, desire to make a BIG IMPACT, and want to begin living your BEST LIFE, this is the room you want to be in.

This is what the Queens who work with me have created

This isn't a fantasy.  LIMITLESS POSSIBILITIES are ready FOR YOU

  • Melissa left a toxic relationship and $40K annual corporate job to create her own thriving business that brings in $50K+ cash monthly, she attracted the love of her life and just had a beautiful healthy baby.
  • Pamela went from hopeless and nearly accepting a $3k a month job to signing with the opportunity of her dreams nearly triple the salary and with huge potential and a partnership that will change the worlds
  • Em healed her PTSD, finally moved to her dream city feeling safe to live alone, and generated $40k, $50K, and $102k and more days after being afraid to spend on dinners out with friends
  • Natasha, Danielle, and many others manifested multi-6 figures in sales- $102K days, $500K & quarters, $40K, $50K, $62K & $90K consistent months 
  • Beth manifested the love of her life after a very painful breakup with a longtime boyfriend AND attracted a new job paying her more money than ever
  • Tasha went from feeling overwhelm from not getting consistent clients and having bills pile up to getting paid consistently over 5 Figures a full time writer and attracting new clients left and right  
  • Emily sold out her mastermind, had multiple $30k months, and shifted her frequency from anxious and afraid to powerful and confident
  • AND SOOOO much more