It Is Safe To Trust EFT Series

The EFT Series to move from second guessing to massive trust of yourself and your inner guidance

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  • It is Safe to Trust EFT Series
  • $47 USD

    The Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Series to go from distrusting your inner guidance to trusting yourself fully.

    Yes. I am Ready
  • 2 Introduction Videos
  • 2 EFT Videos
  • Tapping Cheat Sheet

Christine Michelle Hayes

Christine Michelle is the Founder and CEO of The AlignedSoul by Ana-Hob Personal Development Brand and author of The Aligned Receiver.

Known as The Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter, Christine is a Purpose, Power & Prosperity Activator who helps you remember who you truly are, obliterate old stories and embody who you came here to be NOW.  Intentionally receive a life where Magic and Miracles are your #norm and become Rich on ALL LEVELS.

Christine activates a shift in your frequency and an elevation of your consciousness to connecting back to your Divinity.  You are Divinity in a Body and you are meant to live a life beyond your wildest imagination.  Christine helps you make Quantum Leaps #normal.

Christine Michelle is a Channel, Energy Healer, Seer and Channel who speaks directly to your mind and your soul and helps you to tune into your own wholeness and welcome you home to who you truly are.  Being Rich on ALL Levels of your life gets to be easy.

You can find Christine Michelle at: