Magnetic Sales

Learn to Communicate from your Centers in a way that will Magnetize Money/Clients/Audience, Create Connection and Feel Aligned

Learn how to turn on your own inner magnetism & how to attract clients, customers, and opportunities from BEING more YOU & COMMUNICATING through your gifts & power centers.

Sales is who YOU ARE not what you do.

Sales is all about 
1) embodiment 
2)  connection 
3) love

Learn to intentionally & strategically utilize your masculine & feminine energy and expand your capacity to receive.

18 Day Transmission which includes FOUR (4) Masterclasses, 9 Code Transmission Drops + Woo Energy Practices to help you Magnetize Clients, Sales, Opportunities and more through your centers & personal power


Thu 07/15: Live Transmission - Masculine/Feminine Energy Sales  

Fri 07/16: Head Center Audio Drop (Online Portal)  

Sat 07/17: Will Center Audio Drop (Online Portal)  

Sun 07/18: The Woo Technique Drop (Online Portal) 

Mon 07/19: Anja Center Audio Drop (Online Portal) 

Tue 07/20: Solar Plexus Center Audio Drop (Online Portal) 

Wed 07/21 The Woo Technique Drop (Online Portal)

 Thu 07/22: Live Transmission Receiving Mode + Q&A

Fri 07/23: Splenic Center Audio Drop (Online Portal) 

Sat 07/24: G Center Audio Drop (Online Portal) 

Sun 07/25: the Woo Technique Drop (Online Portal) 

Mon 07/26: Root Center Audio Drop (Online Portal) 

Tue 07/27: Sacral Center Audio Drop (Online Portal) 

Wed 07/28: Throat Center Audio Drop (Online Portal) 

Thu 07/29: Live Transmission Connecting it all + Q&A 

Fri 07/30: The Woo Technique Drop (Online Portal) 

Sat 07/31: The Woo Technique Drop (Online Portal) 

Sun 08/01: Final Transmission + Hot Seat

Doors to MAGNETIC Sales Close

21 Hours



Or 3 payments of $397

Christine Michelle

Christine Michelle is the Founder and CEO of The AlignedSoul by Ana-Hob Personal Development Brand and author of The Aligned Receiver.

Known as The Vibration Lifter and Energy Shifter, Christine is a Purpose, Power & Prosperity Activator who helps you remember who you truly are, obliterate old stories and embody who you came here to be NOW.  Intentionally receive a life where Magic and Miracles are your #norm and become Rich on ALL LEVELS.

Christine helps you to tune into your own wholeness and welcome you home to who you truly are.  She makes Quantum Leaps #normal. Being Rich on ALL Levels of your life gets to be easy.

You can find Christine Michelle at: